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    How to take an interview properly for selection of the suitable candidates

    Giving an interview is a very important activity of one's life related to one's career and future. At the same time a person can one day have a position in an organisation such that he is asked to sit in the interview board to take interview of the candidates and submit his recommendation to management for selection of suitable candidates against the vacancies.

    The person who is taking the interview of the candidates has to asses them for their knowledge and experience in the particular area where they are supposed to be inducted in the organisation. A good interviewer will find out the worth of the every candidate by asking sample questions and queries to test their depth of knowledge in the limited time allotted for the interview. Taking an interview in a proper way requires not only knowledge of a particular field but also an ability to judge or make out the genuineness in the answers and explanations given by the candidate.

    An interviewer will be taking interview of many persons and has to draw a comparative chart against them to find out the best ones suitable for the organisation. He has to see not only the knowledge and capability of the candidates but has to observe and indirectly infer their other qualities like leadership, sincerity, honesty, etc which are needed to work effectively in a work place.

    So the job of an interviewer is highly responsible and challenging one and involves intelligent decision making as he has to choose the best candidates out of a lot who can, after joining, help in enhancing the productivity of his organisation.
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    The job of the interviewer is very vital for the Organisation. His responsibility is to select a good candidate who is within the reach of the company and with required qualification and experience. This is also an art. By simply asking some questions assessing a candidate is not a cake walk. It requires a lot of understanding and human relations to know the right candidate. The candidate who was the best may not be able to be accommodated within the set up of the organisation and his salary expectations may not fit in the organisation. In such conditions how to meet both ends is also very important. By appointing a new person with a higher salary than the persons already serving in the organisation within the same capacity may create a different situation in the organisation.
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    Absolutely the task of an interviewer is very important as he has to select the appropriate candidates for the job. One has to check the job profile of the candidate if it is matching with the position to be filled. I had been on the position in the past where I used to select candidates. My way to take interview was different. I used to give more importance to the communication skills of the person and the way to do this by asking simple questions about the candidate like his or her hobbies, family background, strengths and weaknesses. By asking such question will give you a feel how is the communication skill of that person. Then starts the questions regarding the job and knowledge the person has regarding the job. What was his or her job responsibilities and authorities. By this one may judge to what extent one may be able to take responsibility if kept on the job. By such interactions one may judge the confidence the candidate has.

    There are other methods of an interviewer to judge the candidates. Of course one may rate the candidates on point scale. The one who scores the highest points may be selected for another round where he or she may be asked about the salary expected and as that one may select the appropriate candidate.


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    The interviewer's role is always very important in the selection process. A good employee is an asset of the company and to select the right one for the job is equally important. A good conversation with the candidate about many aspects of life, other than the specific knowledge required for the job is vital.

    While many candidates may have the grasp about the subject, but they may lake certain abilities to put their knowledge in the application field. Working with the team is one such capability which is very important for getting selected. The interviewer must have a thorough knowledge about the atmosphere of the job, in addition to the technical knowledge so that she/he will be able to judge the different capabilities of the candidate.


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