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    I was about to delete your number, but couldn't!

    Time to time we delete the pictures and videos from the storage of our mobile phones to free up the space. It is important to clean up the space for smooth functioning of the device. Now, how many of us do delete the text messages and contact numbers which are not required? I think, many people do not bother to clean up their contact lists.

    You may save few contact numbers momentarily for certain purpose and you are sure of never calling those numbers in future. You are thinking in this way of not calling those numbers that you saved momentarily, but the other person who has also saved your contact at that particular time may be thinking otherwise.

    For example, you went on a tour and met someone with whom you exchanged the contact details and later on after returning you completely forgot. If the number is saved only with the name without any other details or location, you may always find it difficult to recollect the person just from seeing the name in your contact list. Now, if you have the habit of cleaning up the contact lists of the numbers which are not required, funny incidents may always happen.

    I was just about to delete such few numbers and came across with a name that is identical to the name of my friend. Since I saved nothing more in details other than the name, I was a little hesitant to delete that. Out of curiosity I called up the number and the person on the other end answered laughingly saying he was about to call me up to explain the new insurance policy details that was just launched by his company. I was mumbling and couldn't recollect where I met this insurance agent, but somehow managed to end the call by saying I dialed him wrongly thinking it is my friend's number. So members, always save the contact numbers with little more details to avoid confusion in future.
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    I always do that. The names are common and we may have two or more contacts with the same name and hence we should have added inputs to differentiate. That is why when I save a number in my phone I will add the name of his company so that I can understand who is who. Otherwise, I will try to add his profession like electrician or fitter etc. This is making my life easy. There is no confusion and I will never call a wrong person even by mistake also.
    But I never delete the phone contacts. So the number of contacts are becoming more and more. Many of the numbers are never used but still, I continue with them. All my contacts are linked with my Gmail address. So When I change my phone also I have no problem in saving these contacts.

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    Was he your friend or you just saved his number as you had to do the insurance and asked him you would call him later. This we do sometimes when we are not in a mood/need of an insurance.

    I don't save numbers of such people unless he is a good friend of mine. Regarding deletion of numbers I do it once in a while as having unwanted numbers in phone book is of no use. Even I delete pictures also as they get saved in the memory whenever get what's app images.

    I do it very carefully as doing it in hurry may cause losing of some important numbers and we may not know it that time but will get irritated when don't find that number when required.


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    #652038, @ Mr. Gupta, he is not my friend but shares the same name of one of my friends. I am unable to recollect where we met or why I saved that number and that is the main confusion here.

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    @Sakalan it happens. Sometimes we save people's number and forget once we open their number in phone book and think who is he.

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    A very good advice by the author to store the contact numbers with some details otherwise when you see after a gap of time you do not know what to do with it.

    I have struggled many times with these numbers which were there in my phone in a haphazardly fashion and was not able to make out their heads or tails.

    So as advised it is extremely important to keep the contact numbers in a neat and tidy way by writing the name of the person with clarity. Another thing which I will suggest is sometimes we store numbers with the name whatever comes to our mind. It creates a problem in searching because by that time we forget what it was.

    So, what we should do suppose if we want to store a hospital number then write 'hosp' in the beginning and then write the exact name say Apollo or Fortis or whatever it may be. So next time when you search for 'hosp' it will show all of them.

    Similarly there may be many provision shops in the area so we can write a few letters like 'provi' or 'prov' in the beginning and then write the actual name. This technique categorises the contact numbers in a very orderly way and you get it immediately and understand what it is.

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    Really a useful advice added with an interesting incidence based on personal experience. For really smart individuals who are expertise in using these gadgets are well aware of using this in the most appropriate ways but for others who are slow don't care much of these aspects. I usually follow such practices which help in identifying with the best possible information & it's a different aspect that even after this we bound to miss few but still can go ahead with whatever possible & easy to manage & at the same time without much trouble.

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