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    Is the interview of the candidate possible at the time of election campaign?

    It is the time of the election in five states of India. Candidates are trying hard for getting votes of voters. I have observed that the candidate makes many promises at the time of election but forget them after winning the election. Next time they again come to seek our votes. The parties generally prepare their manifestoes, but we all know how many things from them are fulfilled.

    Why shouldn't it compulsory for the candidate to go to every village in their election campaign and face an interview with the people. So, next time he will remember the promises he has done in front of people and may he will try to fulfill the promises.

    Road shows, rallies, banners are the wastage of money in my opinion and at last, we have to pay for all these things.

    Members are requested to provide the benefits and disadvantages if it would be compulsory for the candidate to face public interviews.

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    It is a good idea to interview these contenders in an open forum in public and ask them what are they going to do and how they feel that they are going to achieve what they are promising today.

    In such open forums due to cross questions by the public the contenders will be a bit reserve and control their otherwise hyperactive talks. This measure may bring some discipline in their excited and assuring behaviour before the election and they will think twice to utter illogical and immature commitments.

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    I don't think, it will have any special effect. At the present situation, all the contenders will go to all villages and meet all the people and tell them so many things. The village voters will be very happy with small things like giving a donation for a place of worship in the village, sanctioning a bus route to the village or laying roads etc. They never bother about long-term benefits.
    KCR, the present in charge CM of Telangana in many villages during their election campaigns last time in 2014, promised that he will make a BC person as CM of the State. But after the elections, he himself had become the CM. What the people can do. Once the voters cast their vote, they don't have anything to say.
    I feel our voters forget the issues easily and they feel very happy with small issues also and this nature of voters is becoming a blessing in disguise to the politicians.

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    The proposal to interview the candidates sounds good, but I don't think they will remember the interview. If we look at the different controversies and the politicians' reactions after being confronted, it will be understood how easily they deny things in front of the camera. If there is a system to recall the candidates when certain necessary promises are not fulfilled within the specified time, then we can expect them to work round the clock.

    Another big problem is many people are not aware of their basic rights and get exploited by the politicians. A lot of the people in this country is poor and for them arranging a square meal is much more important than dealing with the false promises of the legislators. Though the situation is changing and people are becoming aware of many things, I think interviewing and questioning the representatives later on, may not be a game changer at this juncture.


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    I think it hardly matters for politicians as they forget everything after wining the elections. Even they are interviewed by the media they still lie in front of them so easily and try to bluff. But they forget people know everything.

    No politician or party stand up to the promises they do before the elections as for them promises are just to gain people's faith and getting votes from them. They know afterwards no one is going to ask what they promised but interviewing by public will make them embarrassed a little.


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