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Keen on showcasing your creative writing skills? Write a chapter for this special Diwali e-book and win a cash award!
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    The Diwali Gift Hamper: Diwali e-book challenge - write a chapter, win a cash award!

    It's time to start writing our Diwali e-book! Registrations have begun so those keen on participating should express their interest in that thread only. In this thread, registered participants will each submit a chapter as per the Chapter number assigned to them.

    The theme of this e-book challenge is 'The Diwali Gift Hamper'.

    1. Submit your chapter within 24hrs. of the time stamp of the previous chapter.
    2. The text should be in English only, but you can include traditional Indian words with the meaning explained at the end of the text.
    3. The text should be minimum 250 words and maximum 350 words.
    4. This time there is a rule of not allowing any flashbacks/past storyline and then coming back to the present. Let the story evolve in the present only. However, you can write something like 'He remembered that once...' or 'He recalled the earlier time when she....'
    5. Do not include any aspects of smoking, drugs, alcohol, weapons and the like.

    1. Submit the chapter in a response in this thread only and mention the chapter number at the start of the text.
    2. In case you do not submit the chapter within 24hrs., then you will forfeit the chance to write that particular chapter. You may be given a chance to participate later in the contest in case registrations are still open, but you will not be eligible for the main prizes.
    3. You can include any element of mystery, humour, However, nothing inappropriate is allowed. Conversations/dialogues can be included.
    4. Please do not edit your chapter once submitted, as it will create confusion for the next author if you change the story. However, you can correct a typo within your time limit.
    5. Do not create confusion by changing the name of a character which is mentioned in any previous chapter, but you can include a new character if relevant to your chapter.

    1. The authors of the two best chapters will each receive a cash prize of Rs.200/- and a virtual gift of the certificate of creativity.
    2. Second prizes (Two) Rs.150/- + virtual gift of appreciation.
    3. Third prize (Two): Rs. 100 each + virtual gift of fresh flowers.
    4. A consolation prize may also be given.
    5. All participants may get enhanced points & cash credits as per the quality of the entry. The winning authors will get 10 points to their entry, but no cc for it as their main prizes will be credited to their profile account.

    Update at 4.50p.m. - Rule #5 has been added. Let's try to create a happy story appropriate for the festive season!
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    Suman will write Chapter 1, submitting it within 24hrs. of this response of mine.
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    Chapter 1

    The festival of lights, Diwali is round the corner and everyone is busy in preparing for the upcoming Diwali. Hari, who is a worker in a factory tells his wife that they have to also make preparations for Diwali. His wife said to Hari, "You can ask your boss to pay this month's money in advance, he will not refuse it." But, Hari avoided his wife and said, "Saheb will give me the monthly salary along with the bonus and I am not going to ask for it."

    The servant of the boss has gone home, so Hari had to do his daily work along with serving tea, water, and sweets to the upcoming guests. Everybody had a holiday on Diwali, but his boss said, "Hari, you have to come tomorrow morning to my house, after all, I have to give you this year's Diwali gift hamper". After hearing this Hari was very happy. He went to his home and said to his wife, "Tomorrow not only the boss called me to his home, but he is also going to give me a special Diwali gift hamper."

    The next morning Hari got up early and went to his boss's house, and here his children were troubling their mother for crackers and sweets. She kept on telling her children that their father would soon come and then he will buy a lot of sweets and crackers for them. Throughout the day, the children kept wandering here and there waiting for their father to come.

    More and more people were coming to the boss's house to greet him "Happy Diwali." They were bringing sweets and dry fruits in precious gift boxes. By looking at the gift boxes, Hari kept on wondering if the boss gives him any gift hamper packet along with the monthly salary then it will be a nice treat for him.

    Hari kept on thinking in his mind when the boss will give him the Diwali gift hamper. At last Hari couldn't keep waiting and spoke out, "Saheb, if you could give me my payment and bonus then it will be very good. My children and wife are waiting for me." After that Hari saw his boss approaching near to him with an envelope and two gifts hamper boxes.
    [This chapter is co-winner of the first prize of this contest.]

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    Chapter 2

    "Hari", the boss said, "This envelope is having your monthly salary and bonus for Diwali. This Packet is with sweets and dry fruits. The other packet is of firecrackers". He handed over the items to Hari and wished him a happy Diwali with a shake hand. Hari is very happy for the good gesture of his boss and thought that he can have a good time with his family in the evening. He thanked his boss and started back to his house.

    After going a little distance he has opened the envelope and counted the money. He felt very happy as the boss has given one month salary as a bonus. He has gone to the market and purchased a saree to his wife and T-shirts to their kids. He has seen the firecrackers packet and found the packet is having all varieties of crackers. So he has not purchased any crackers.

    His wife and his children are eagerly waiting for the arrival of Hari. The kids are staring at the street to glance at their father's arrival. As soon as they see their father at the street end they ran to him. He has shown the new clothes, sweets, dry fruits and crackers to them. Their happiness knew no bounds. They are all happy and wanted to have a wonderful time that night.

    A little later the neighbour called Hari and informed him that he met his father in their village. He informed him that they are expecting Hari's family to go there so that they can spend the festival happily with their grandchildren. He also informed that his mother was busy at that time making some specials for her grandchildren.

    Hari thought a while and decided to go there so that all of them together can spend the night happily. He informed the same to his wife and children. The children are very happy that they can meet their grandparents. They got ready and get onto a bus to go to their native village.
    [This chapter wins a consolation prize in this contest.]

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    Chapter 3

    Hari's ancestral village was located at a distance of only 40 Kilometer from the city where he lived. So, it was very much feasible for the family to reach the village by night if they started early. Hari's wife performed a Puja at their residence and the family took the 5 p.m. bus for the village. All of them were happy; Hari's children were very excited to get the sudden opportunity to meet their grandparents. They were carrying their Diwali gifts with them. Hari's son was carrying the firecrackers which Hari had received as a gift from his boss in the afternoon.

    The bus was jam-packed. It started by 5.15 p.m. The city was resplendent with lights on the Diwali evening. But immediately after leaving the city area, the bus entered into the jungle at the foot of the Aravalli Hills. The jungle was dark, there was no pedestrian on the narrow road. The bus was moving slowly. The passengers were eagerly waiting to reach their destination. Almost all of them were waiting to meet their relatives on the auspicious day of Diwali.

    Suddenly a passenger asked the driver to stop the bus to answer nature's call. Initially, the driver declined. But when the passenger requested earnestly, the driver stopped the bus at the side of the road and asked the passenger to be quick. The passenger got down.

    Like a magic, a group of men emerged from the forest and entered the bus. All of these men had covered their face with clothes. Another five-six men stood surrounding the bus. The passengers were perplexed. They were afraid.

    The Diwali night was slowly turning out to be a nightmare for the passengers of the bus. Hari was afraid. His wife and daughter were silent. But his son was very curious.

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    Chapter – 4

    The six men who entered the bus have guns with them. The leader of them warned the people on the bus not to call anyone and to switch off their mobile phone. After that, he ordered the people to put all the money, jewelry, and other precious items in a bag which they have with them.

    Hari was very afraid for his family. His wife was praying for the magic. His daughter which was only 4 years old, started crying. Hari's son was watching everything very curiously.

    An old lady, who was almost 65 years old, requested the leader not to harm anybody in the bus. He also requested the entire passengers to put all the cash, jewelry and precious item in that particular bag. The passenger unwillingly started putting their items as per instruction of the leader.

    Hari's son Vedik who was 10 years old has a fun to watch thriller and suspense movies and episodes; he remembered a film which had a similar situation. Nobody wanted to do a mischievous thing as all the six men surrounded them and watching keenly. Suddenly Vedik opened the mobile phone and found that network was available. He dialed 100 numbers as he had watched in the movie. One man observed him doing so and shouted to switch off the phone. Hari took the mobile and switched off it.

    Suddenly, after sometimes, passengers and all the men heard the police siren. Police had arrived. All the men ran towards the jungle as they heard the police siren. Some policemen ran behind them. The inspector told that we received the call but nobody talked. We trace the location and came here.

    Everybody praised the courage of Vedik for saving their lives and their cash including jewelry as the robbers forgot to take them away in a hurry. Inspector also praised his courage and assured to recommend Vedik's name for the presidential prize on Republic Day.

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    Chapter - 5

    The driver of the bus lodged a formal complaint with the Police Inspector and by that time the policemen who ran behind the culprits came back empty handed telling that those persons slipped in the dark in the jungle and it was not possible to search them further in such conditions. After the formalities of distributing the valuables of the passengers back, seeing the night time, the Inspector asked two policemen to accompany the bus up to the town which was about 20 Km further from Hari's village. It was already 9 PM and the bus was delayed by 2-3 hours due to this incident.

    The bus resumed its journey and by 10 PM reached the Hari's village. Hari's younger brother Madhav was present at the bus stop and received them complaining the unexpected delay. They briefly narrated the ordeal they had gone in the evening and Madhav was surprised and impressed with the common sense and quick action of his nephew Vedik. Their house was about 1 Km from the bus stand and they took one rickshaw and reached there by 1030 PM. The grandparents, Madhav's wife and daughter were anxiously waiting for them since evening and were very happy to see them. Hari again narrated the story with great excitement to his parents and they were also amazed by the quick witted Vedic. They hugged him and patted on his back. Vedik was in the attention of everyone at that time.

    The food was ready and grandmother had specially prepared Puran Poli which the children always liked and all the family members had their dinner together. Hari's father told that next day he would intimate Sarpanch and other senior people in the village about the timely action of Vedik which saved everyone from the clutch of those assaulters.
    [This chapter is co-winner of the first prize of this contest.]

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    Chapter 6

    The next morning, Hari's father Madanlal, along with Hari went to the Sarpanch's house with a packet of sweets to gift him on the occasion of Diwali. The Sarpanch, Ramprasad Singh, is little old, but junior to Madanlal and very cooperative. On seeing Hari, Ramprasad asked him, "Young man, you are quite busy nowadays and don't come to the village to enquire about us, so tell me how is your work going? I have heard from Madanlal that you have been promoted". Hari replied, "Yes uncle, nowadays I am looking after the procurement also and that's why not getting enough time to visit the village, I got a leave of 3 days in Diwali so came to visit all of you". Madanlal anxiously said, "Do you know Ramprasad, how Hari along with his family reached here yesterday night braving all the odds"? They told Ramprasad in details about the ordeal and how Hari's Son, Vedik, saved them by applying his intelligence.

    Ramprasad listened to them; he is in this village since childhood and as a Sarpanch dealt with many complaints for the past few years, but never heard these types of incidents earlier. Ramprasad thought since Vedik acted intelligently during that situation he should talk to Vedik to get every detail about the incident. So, he told them to bring Vedic in the afternoon to know more about the culprits who attacked their bus.

    Inside the home Vedic and Rimisha, Madhav's daughter, were playing together. Rimisha was very excited to meet her cousin after a long time and after hearing his actions inside the bus she was overjoyed thinking that he is a hero in true sense. They planned an adventure and after having breakfast they went out along with the firecrackers to celebrate Diwali in a special way. Rimisha's another friend Jadhav, who stays in the vicinity, is very daredevil and she took him too along with them in their adventure. By the time when Hari and Madanlal returned, they couldn't find the children inside. They thought they will return soon. But they didn't return during lunchtime also.
    [This chapter is co-winner of the second prize in this contest.]


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    Jadhav said,"Vedic. I am sick of listening how brave you are. All you did was calling the police. I think anyone could have done that. You know what bravery is? Chaman kaka's shed houses a notorious bull. It's the bull that trampled dozens last year in Jallikattu. My football fell inside the shed last Monday and no one here dares to bring it back. If you are as brave as the claims go, return unscathed with my football by sunset."
    Praises had already fogged Hari's decision making by now. He accepted the challenge. Rimisha, worried about her cousin, joined him too as Jadhav stayed back in order to alert Hari's parents if something unfortunate might happen.
    Hari and Rimisha snuck into the shed through a small hole. Rimisha found the ball, in between the bull's legs. "Rimisha, take that stick and pull that ball. The bull is leashed", Hari said. The stick accidentally hit the hoof of the bull and sent it into rage. The bull knocked the bucket of water it had before it. Hari taking advantage of chaos, secured the ball and ran away with Rimisha. Jadhav was quite surprised by Hari's courage. The three returned home by sunset. They did get quite a scolding that evening but they kept smiling because of their little adventure.

    The next morning, Hari went out to buy candies for himself. He saw Chaman Kaka on the road. Now he's never seen the man but Jadhav's description suited this turbun wearing, white sharp moustached muscly man that was coming closer to Hari. Hari was petrified thinking his attics has earned him Chaman's anger. But Chaman wasn't walking towards Hari. He wanted to purchase a bucket from the same shop that Hari was purchasing candies in. "Sunil. Show me a good steel bucket. My bull Bhairav went mad yesterday and broke a bucket", said Chaman to Sunil the shop keeper. Hari felt a sense of regret because his misadventures cost Chaman Kaka a bucket. He kept looking at Chaman.
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    Chapter 8

    As Vedic kept looking at Chaman Kaka, his conscience kept pricking him. In his little mind was this battle of confessing last day's event but the fear of getting scolding by Kaka was stopping him from confessing. As he saw Kaka walking away, Vedic suddenly remembered his father's words of wisdom that – "Whenever you are wrong in something, always be courageous to confess it, no matter how grievous it might be".

    Before he realized he was running and stopped panting in front of Kaka. Chaman Kaka was taken a little aback to see a boy in front of him. He came on his knees to the height of Vedic and put his hands on the shoulder of Vedic and asked him – "Son, Who are you and what's the matter?"

    Vedic looked at the new bucket which was beside Chaman Kaka, then he looked down to the ground and started by saying that he was the son of Hari and grandson of Madanlal and then he narrated the previous day's incident without looking into the eyes of Kaka. After the narration, he slowly lifted his eyes to look at Kaka, expecting to see Kaka's face in rage of anger, but instead, there was a smile on his face.

    Chaman Kaka asked Vedic, "Would you like to come to my house, I would like to show you something? Vedic was scared but then after a thought, he obliged seeing the kind face of Kaka.

    As they were walking towards Kaka's home, he saw the residues of the crackers which Vedic's father Hari had got along with the Diwali Gift Hamper. Only one cracker was left in the box. He picked that up and tagged along.
    As they reached the house, there at the entrance he saw three men. One of the men wished Kaka in his husky voice. Vedic was startled and quick to recognize that he was one of the goons that had attacked the bus in which they were in. Vedic was about to tell Kaka that they were goons when he saw him pull out a knife.
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    Vedic was shocked to see the turn of events as he listened Kaka's loud voice "Keep it back, Sohan! He is your nephew". Sohan's face was reddened and he pushed back the knife in his pocket.

    Vedic was relieved but his curiosity and surprise were intact at their zenith and he was unable to understand anything out of this. Why the goon, Sohan, obeying Kaka. How can I be his nephew. He murmured "Nephew of a goon?"

    Kaka signalled everyone to come inside the house and asked them to sit. He narrated that about 15 years back Sohan, the unmarried elder brother of Hari, living in the village was trapped in bad company and one day disappeared from the house without any information to anyone.

    No one except Kaka knew, that Sohan was with his friends in the nearby areas earning through looting the passengers and making livelihood, as they were coming to Kaka time to time, in disguise, to deposit their surplus money.

    On that fateful day when the bus carrying Hari and his family was ambushed, Sohan recognised Hari but as Sohan was wearing a big scarf on his face and his head covered, Hari and his family could not recognise him. Today, Sohan confided in Kaka regarding the episode. By this time, Kaka was well aware of the whole event as everyone in the village knew about this through Sarpanch and other seniors.

    Today when Vedic apologised for the breaking of bucket and told him who he was, Kaka, knowing that Sohan and his friends were waiting for him in his house for some money matters, wanted to take the boy to his house to show him his uncle who was part of the ambush party and Kaka thought that this may motivate and bring change in Sohan to quit such dreadful work and come to surrender to police.
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    Chapter -10

    After listening to the whole story, Vedik became thoughtful for a moment. More than that his Uncle was part of a gang of wayside robbers, what made him feel worse was the fact that Chaman Kaka was serving as a bank for the gang. Vedik was not only brave, but he was intelligent also. Having decided how he should proceed, he told Kaka that he had to go now. As Sohan stood up and moved towards him, Vedik hurriedly bid goodbye to Kaka and went out of the house much to their dismay.

    Vedik was running as fast as he could. On the way, he met Jadhav. He just gave him a hint and asked him to keep an eye on Kaka's house and to intimate him immediately if he saw someone moving out of the place. On reaching his house, he called out for Rimisha and told her about meeting Sohan and also that Chaman Kaka knew about the robbers and was functioning as their bank. Then they decided to tell the whole story to Hari and Madanlal.

    Madanlal, Hari and Madhav were watching the television. Seeing the serious faces of the kids instead of the usually jovial and playful mood, Madanlal asked them the reason. Rimisha broke the silence and told that Vedik had met their long lost Uncle Sohan. On hearing this, Hari and Madhav too came near them. Then Vedik told them all that had happened. They were shocked at the unexpected turn of events. The celebrations of Diwali took a backseat and they were all discussing what needs to be done next.

    As suggested by Madanlal, they decided to meet the Sarpanch and to tell him the whole thing. Ramprasad was also shocked to hear that the wayside robbers were from their village only and was angry that Chaman did not inform anyone despite being in the know of things.

    None had any doubt that the matter should be reported to the police but wanted to meet them before doing so. All of them then started walking towards Chaman Kaka's house.
    [This chapter is co-winner of the first prize of this contest.]

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    Chapter 11

    They reached there and were trying to lend their ears to hear what is going inside. "I can't support you anymore. Let me live my life peacefully", said Chamman Kaka in desperation. "Sohan, it is not too late. Learn a leaf from your brother's son. Confess and tell the public what has happened. Join the main stream and have a peaceful life", he added.

    "I have gone too far where I can't look back, Kaka". They heard a voice, seemingly that of Sohan. Someone can see tears in Madanlal's eyes and a feel of enthusiasm in Hari's body posture. 'Just wait', signalled Ramprasad.

    Curious Vedik, Rimisha and Jadav also decided to go. Jadav was not happy with Vedik about telling the story of broken bucket by 'Rangeela', the participant in 'Jallikattu' sensing that his name too was revealed in the episode. "What's the necessity to tell the truth", he asked Vedik. "Didn't you read the story of Raja Harishchandra? After all, he left everything and sold his child and wife to keep up his word. That's the strength of truth." Vedik replied. Jadav laughed at him and said, "Don't tell the old stories. If it happens now, both the buyer and the seller would be caught by the police for resorting to slavery."

    "Stop this all, we have reached Kaka uncle's house", Rimisha intervened.

    They looked Madanlal, Hari and Ramprasad standing at the main door while Madhav with some people surrounding at the backyard to hold back, if someone tries to find an escape route.

    "It's getting late Kaka. We are badly in need of money. We are banking on you. Don't try to teach new lessons today. Radhe bhayya won't spare you", someone spoke in a serious bigger tone which was audible to everyone outside.
    "Radhe bhayya ? Who is that?"
    "Don't pretend. You and even your Sarpanch know about him", a reply like a ball striking the wall.

    Ramprasad's face became pale while Madan and Hari got stunned. Hearing to this Vedik decided to use the code '100' again.
    [This chapter is co-winner of the second prize of this contest.]


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    Chapter – 12

    Vedik called his father Hari separately and said, "Dad, I think there is a big gang of goons here. Everyone appears to be suspicious. Shall we inform the police to capture the goons who boarded the bus and their boss? Hari said, "No son. The person involved is my brother and he is your uncle too. Let us go by the Sarpanch's decision." Vedik said, "No Dad. Why did your brother take the name of Radhe bhayya connecting Chaman Kaka and the Sarpanch? By the by, who is Radhe bhayya?" Hari said, "I don't know. My dad must be knowing. Let me ask him."

    Hari called his father Madanlal separately and asked who was Radhe bhayya. Madanlal said, "I do not know. " Then he asked his father whether they should inform the police about the presence of the bus attackers. Madanlal said, "No. First, let us discuss with Chaman Kaka to find the facts and decide whether to report to the police or not.

    Meanwhile, inside Chaman Kaka's house, Sohan demanded three lakh rupees. Chaman Kaka obliged to give only rupees fifty thousand, and said, "This will be the last time that I meet your demand. I won't be able to give you any more."Then Chaman Kaka went to his bedroom to get the cash. Sohan and his two associates followed him. While Chaman opened his secret safe and took out a bundle of 500 rupee currency notes, Sohan observed many 2000 rupee currency bundles inside the safe. When Chaman locked the safe and turned, Sohan and his associates attacked Chaman severely and grabbed the safe keys. Chaman fell flat on the floor and became unconscious. Sohan opened the safe and took out all the 2000 rupee bundles, packed them in a pillowcase, and fled with his associates through the backyard.

    Madhav and the other men who were positioned in the backyard, observed them fleeing and started chasing them. Also, they alerted the Sarpanch, Madanlal and Hari who were waiting at the main entrance. Immediately, they all entered Chaman's house and found Chaman Kaka lying in his bedroom in an unconscious state.
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    They immediately took Kaka to the hospital and Madhav with some friends was trying to chase Sohan. Vedic, Rimisha and Jadhav were totally in shock. Suddenly, Jadhav left saying that it's late and he has to reach home now. Vedic felt suspicious about this and decided to follow him silently. He and Rimisha went slowly behind Jadhav but he directly entered his house. Vedic felt like he was over thinking. Suddenly, Jadhav's father rushed out of the house. He was desperately trying to call someone.
    Vedic and Rimisha went behind a wall. They heard him scolding someone in great anger. He was literally shouting on call saying, "You should not have hurt him, after all he is our support in running our gang successfully."
    After hearing this, the picture was clear to Vedic and Rimisha and they decided to reach hospital. They silently left that place and Vedic was having many thoughts running his mind about yesterday. How Jadhav was frustrated with his act of bravery and how he sent him to Rangila and risked his life. They reached hospital and after crossing some wards, they saw their grandfather sitting on the bench. They approached him and asked about the updates of Kaka. Madanlal said that he is still unconscious and doctor has asked for some medicines. Your father has gone for the same. Vedic and Rimisha explained him the whole episode about Jadhav and his father. Suddenly Madanlal said, "Ohh! Radhekishan. How could I miss his name?" He called Hari and asked him to reach hospital soon. As he reached hospital, Madanlal said, "Radhe bhaiya is none other than our neighbor Radhekishan." He added, "I always find him suspicious. Although we are living together for a long time but I still do not know his source of earnings. I am sure he is the one who is running this gang." After a pause, he said with great pain in his eyes, "Before 15 years, Sohan was lastly seen with Radhekishan only and after that he disappeared from our life."
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    Chapter 14 - (submitted by me on behalf of the mystery author)

    As they were still speaking, a Police Inspector approached them. The hospital authorities had informed the police. The inspector introduced himself and then, started his inquiry with Madanlal. He described the entire course of the event. The Police Inspector thanked him for the information and left. Hari asked the children to get back home but instead, the children decided to visit Radhebhaiya's home.

    Meanwhile, Madhav and his friends chased Sohan and caught him and one of his associates, while the other one escaped into the forest. Both of them were tied to a tree to hand them over to Police. Raghu, the one who had escaped, ran straight into the house of Radhekishen and told that the other two got caught by the villagers.

    Radhekishen went inside the bedroom and asked Jadhav to stay back while they were gone and not to open the door in any case, until they return. Radhebhaiya and Raghu decided to meet the Sarpanch to decide further course of action. They had not walked very far when they saw Sarpanch coming towards them. They were discussing, how to deal with the situation and kill Chamankaka and then free Sohan and his associate.

    In a nearby bush, children were hiding and overheard. They had called up the police when they saw the Sarpanch, Radhebhaiya, and Raghu together. Vedic had to stop them at all cost before they dispersed. The Police had not arrived, he thought for a while and then Vedic suddenly remembered the cracker that was in his pocket from the Diwali Gift Hamper. They went aside quickly and lit cracker with two stones and threw it at them while they were still talking. The blast was deafening and blinding. By the time the smoke cleared, they felt a click in their hands. It was the police, they arrested all of them.

    The Police congratulated the villagers and especially thanked Vedic and Remisha for their bravery and quick action. Vedic hugged his father and said, if it wasn't for the Diwali Gift Hamper, they wouldn't have had such an awesome adventure.

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    This brings our e-book to a close. Thanks to all the authors!

    Now it is time for the registered participants to guess who is the mystery author of Chapter 14. Please refer to the instructions given in response #652874 and #652878 in the registration thread.

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