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    Your expectations from the elected government & whether it’s really worth it?

    Undeniably we carry a lot of expectations from the elected governments & this invariably extended to the unlimited & finest of the possibilities but do you really feel that whatever you have wished for is really possible from the existing resources & with the time allocated? If we take an instance then we are always overwhelmed with high expectations in context to the good roads, shelter & employment among many. I am saying so because we often tend to make comparisons with developed nations of the world like USA, UK or Australia to name a few but do you really feel that it is worth of making comparisons or it is worth justifiable to the present circumstances?

    If I go on clarifying a bit more than when we talk of "employment" than is it really possible that we have so much opportunities available & at the same time good enough that we can serve all the population so that no one remains unemployed. If "yes" than how this is possible & if "not" than why so & what could be the reasons in support of this?

    Likewise we got many other issues & we want all those to get settled & so could you pl. come up with your issues & how you have planned this to get sorted out provided with the most practical facts with you.
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    It may not possible to extend all the developments and expectations the people have by the government. But the governments can at least create minimum infrastructure and do the best they can do.
    Once upon a time, everybody was thinking that politics is nothing but a service to the Nation and people. Many people spent the money from their pocket for serving the country. But politics these days is no more a service. The salaries they are getting and the benefits officially they are getting are very high and the maximum amount of money collected from the public in the form of taxes is getting spent for their benefits only. So the public should understand that the politicians are not doing any favour to them.
    Providing employment for all the people may not be possible to the government but they should provide a platform to all the people to work hard and earn their livelihood.

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    Nowadays, very few people really expect something special from the government. We all know the level of corruption in the governments and how they thrive on false promises. Still, people live on hopes. That is the reason why political parties announce their election manifestos before the polls to appeal the voters to elect them.

    While well maintained roads and shelter are among the basic needs, the employment scenario is somewhat different. If we look at the rate of students passing out from the colleges and the generation of jobs on a yearly basis, we will find a huge mismatch. Every government announces certain schemes to address the problem of unemployment, but the population in our country is so large that more initiatives are needed from different sectors.

    The government provides certain incentives to startups by which many young people may start their own business. In this country there are so many issues to be settled and if we think about the political spectrum then it is undoubtedly the corruption within different departments and also among the politicians themselves.


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    It's better not to expect much from the government after being elected as most of them don't stand on their promise they had made before elections.

    Its not worth at all to compare situation with other countries like US as they are developed countries. Moreover the population here in India is a problem its not possible give employment to the people. But we can expect the government may create some jobs which doesn't happen.

    In Delhi AAP promised many things but didn't fulfil all their promises but that how every government works. Still they manage to do good with the Mohalla clinics. They started even odd scheme for controlling pollution but that was not enough for controlling it. They should have done something else for it which in my opinion is the biggest for the people of Delhi.


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    Most probably the authors are not going through the subject matter but taking a note from the title only. I request to read the whole idea behind this & give your say onto this.

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