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    I posted but not published ...why??

    I am a new user in this site i posted 2 post about teacher job in new delhi .... but it didn't published . Why? and i checked but nobody has written about that job ... so why you guys deleted my post .
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    Anjali, welcome to ISC! Please read and understand the Posting Guidelines before becoming active here. All the sections in ISC are moderated and we do not allow posts that are not in conformity with our guidelines. Your job posts must have been rejected due to the same reason.

    As a new member, it would be better if you spare some time to acquaint yourself with the requirements and facilities of this site. Please note that ISC, basically being an educational portal, is quite particular about grammar and spellings. So, go through the guidelines and a few older posts in different sections so that you get an idea as to how you should proceed here. Once you get an idea, I suggest you start by posting some responses to new forum threads. ISC is a very friendly and encouraging site and I am sure you will stand benefitted by your association with us.

    Don't feel discouraged by the initial hiccups; you can learn as well as earn and also share your knowledge. Feel free to clarify any doubt you have about the site by posting a thread in the forum section. We all will only be glad to help you. All the best!

    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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