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    Good news for most but terrible news for some

    After the demonetization, we, the common people of India, heard that this measure would cause a terrible damage to agriculture, industry, business, service sector everything. Some economists and journalists wrote almost a million of pages informing us about the bad effects of demonetization. We listened to thousands of debates on television condemning the step taken by the present Government.

    But now, we have been receiving different information. Two days ago, the World Bank released its latest Doing Business Report (DBR, 2019) in New Delhi. As per the report, India jumped 23 positions in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index and is now ranked 77 out of 190 countries in 2018, a development that will definitely help the country attract more foreign investments. Last year also, the country a leap of 30 places. Further, India has improved its rank by 53 positions in the last two years and 65 positions in the last four years. So, during the present regime, India has consistently improved its position on this index.

    It is a good news for most of us. But definitely, it is a terrible information for some people. Now, let's see how these 'eminent people' condemn this ranking, that index and finally the World Bank.
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    For the two consecutive years India is moving up significantly in the list and now ranked 77. The ease of doing business indicates how friendly is the environment of doing business in the country. Many things are taken into account while deciding the rank like ease in the paper works, conformity to the global standards, interference of bureaucrats etc and definitely India is moving forward on those ends.

    The government has initiated many improvements in different sectors where a simple online application is sufficient to get the job done, where earlier we had to go to the offices of those sectors with bunch of papers with us. The present dispensation is using the latest technologies to deliver governance and we hope to see lot more changes in the coming days. I do not think this information of a significant jump in its rank will be a terrible news to the people who love this country, but at the same time it has to be ensured that we move up the index and do not slide down after this successful rise.


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    It is good to note that India has improved its ranking in Doing Business Index. This is a good development and it will make India attract many foreign investments. This will give a boost to industry and employment opportunities will increase and wealth will be created. It is very encouraging to note that our improved its ranking by 65 positions in the last four years.
    Let us hope that the Indian economy will strengthen with the steps taken by the government and country will progress. I feel strongly that the governments should work to bring down the gap between the richest and the poorest, then only India will progress better. We can feel happy when this happens. Anyhow thanks to the author for a sharing an important news. Personally, I take this as a good news only as I am a firm believer that country will develop only when industrialisation will take place. The country will never progress by giving free food to the people. But it will progress only when the government shows a way to the public for making their living.

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    That's a good news. There are always cons and pros of anything similarly it was for demonetisation. It's good sign as foreign investors won't hesitate to invest here and ultimately will have benefits for us and most importantly we will have job opportunities.

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    Admitting my ignorance on the topic, I would like experts in this segment to enlighten me about the relation between demonetisation and the ease of doing business. Has demonetisation contributed to the development?
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    Many common people think that cashless and transparent transaction minimizes the scope of corruption and enables the smooth functioning of the business.

    I would like to know that the doomsayers have been predicting the destruction of Indian economy post-demonetization. On what basis are they saying this?

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    It takes considerable time for any Govt to carry out developmental works in the country as there are many hurdles and obstacles created by some people who are not ready to change their mindsets and are not prepared to cooperate with the current regime.

    Now the global agencies are giving their verdict for different parameters and it is clear that we are progressing in many areas albeit slowly.

    The basic problem is that there are some people whose vested interests are being affect in the current regime and they are not comfortable with the changed climate in our country. They somehow want to project that nothing good is happening. But the general public is not blind. They are seeing the differences in governance everywhere and the ratings of the international agencies are not fake.

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    My specific query at #652057 does not seem to have interested our experts. I don't think my query was complex so as to be diverted by means of unnecessary detailing.
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    The positive development in any area will be appreciated by one and all. Saying that some people may not like it indicates the narrow-mindedness of the people making such comments.

    In this regard, it is to be pointed out that the rank is based on a survey of industry in two cities Mumbai and Delhi only. The feedback from participants of these two places is considered for the ranking. This feedback is corroborated and then tabulated. What is true of these two places may not be true in the rest of India. At some places, it may be even better or worse. The factors which made these two places good for ease of doing business may also be implemented across the country where it is not good.

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    World Bank and IMF and their partners are all glorified international loan sharks, who have no interest in betterment of any borrower nation, except to exploit for their own profit, which in turn controlled by the main stakeholders like USA, UK, France, Germany etc. Let us not be fooled.

    When the World Bank group says anything good about a country, they would definitely have a knife or noose or something stuck into the country/body. It is always better to be criticized by these greed infested entities because then you know that the country is doing some good.

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    #652104: The answer is already given in the first Para of #652098. But one has to read it.

    #652110 & #652117: Who asks the meaning of 'scepticism'?

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    Wise people think in a broader sense whereas fools remain in narrow confines. The ranking is based on certain predetermined parameters and limited to only two places. The wise think of adopting the measures which made these two to be successful to all other places. The not so wise remain content and resort to chest beating.
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    #652120, I don't think so. My query, with reference to the averment in the thread, was as to how demonetization is related to ease in doing business. The cashless transaction is a different issue if I am not mistaken.
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    ''The ranking is based on certain predetermined parameters and limited to only two places''----------In earlier (heavenly) regime also, the parameters were same and the ranking was limited to these two places, i.e., Mumbai and Delhi. But the sceptics generally fail to mention this, isn't it?

    Further, in the case of Mumbai, the situation has improved due to the present State Government. However, in Delhi, the situation has improved despite the present State Government. So, ultimately, we have to thank the new party which is taking India firmly on the path of progress and development.

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    Who is skeptic over the achievement of the AAP Government in Delhi? My point is when the parameters are known, they may be improved at all other places and further improvement can be achieved.
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