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    Do you give a valid information when NSSO people come to your house?

    As National Sample Organisation and National Sample Survey people come to your house and ask the details of your assets or what you own like do you have a smartphone then they will tick corresponding or against the checkbox, Do you have Air Conditioner(A.C) they will tick the corresponding checkbox? Do you have Television if yes, they will check the corresponding checkbox? Do you have a two-wheeler if yes, they will tick the corresponding checkbox Based on the predefined questioner sheet they will ask you the question to know people economic conditions of the Nation? Do you give a valid information when NSSO people ask certain questions about your economic status?
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    As an individual and as a citizen of this country I feel it is my responsibility to give the correct information when some government officials come to ask. Many of the salaried employees need not hesitate to give the details, especially private employees, who are paying the tax to the last paise they earn. There is no question of hiding the things.
    As far as I am concerned I am a taxpayer from almost the last 30 years and I am submitting my returns every year. So to give all the particulars there is no necessity to hide any information I think. Similarly, my two sons and my wife are also submitting their returns and there is no hiding the facts.
    I hope many people will also do the same thing. We have to see how politicians and some government employees will reflect on this type of surveys.

    always confident

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