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    We all have a share in protecting our environment.

    Many of us avoid our responsibility towards our Nation totally. I read a post on Facebook which touched my heart.
    A vendor of tender coconut on a roadside cuts the shell into four pieces before disposing of the same. When asked about the reason for doing so, he replied that if the shell is cut into two halves, there are chances of rain/other water stagnating in it which may make it a breeding spot for mosquitoes but if it is cut into four, the chances of holding such water is nil. He added that it is our duty to save our environment.
    Though uneducated he is aware and concerned while even most of the well educated do not care and are least bothered about our duties towards the society.

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    A very nice narration. It is true that we are all responsible for spoiling the environment. But we are not taking the responsibility of upkeeping the environment. This is mainly due to the selfish attitude of the public and whatever they do they want some monetary benefit to them. We should appreciate the tender coconut vendor who is having the consciousness of protecting the environment. We all should take this man as a role model and try our best possible to help to protect the environment.
    Small drops only make a glass of water. Glasses of water only will make a pot of water. So whatever small actions we take for the environment protection will become very effective as many people will follow the suit. Let us all do the bit of help in protecting the environment which will be helpful for saving the mother earth and helping our next generations to have a peaceful life on this earth.

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    Protection of the environment has become a must and every individual has to do that without fail. It is a fact known to everybody that water pools, small ones especially, are the breeding grounds of mosquitos. A small tea cup or coconut shell thrown out collect water and the mosquitos get attracted to them. They breed inside that water remaining on that waste shell and allow the eggs to come out as mosquitos, soon.
    Those who have seen rubber estates might have noticed a cup or a coconut shell kept beneath the rubber cutting mouth of the tree. This is for collecting the rubber milk from the cut portion of the outer skin. During the season when cutting is stopped these cups will remain there and rain water get collected in them. Thus all these cups or coconut shells become mosquitos breeding centres and the whole area become a mosquito affected area. This is an example how indirectly man is becoming responsible for generating spreading certain types of diseases. So environment is very important and every one must take necessary precaution to control polluting own environment.


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    That was good thinking by this fellow as coconut shells may store water in it which may help mosquitos to breed.

    Its great to know that even an uneducated person contributes for it. Therefore its expected from educated people to show such work.

    Its very sad that people don't care for the things I have seen many people throwing garbage on the side of road, spitting on the rod. These are such things which we have to stop by ourself no one can ask us to stop it. Its strange few people don't understand such simple things. It's high time now not to do this and not allow others to do it. We will have to change our attitude and habits.


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    A nice post by the author. It is true that it is the duty of the citizens to do their bit in protecting the environment.

    If everyone does a small contribution for making our surroundings clean and environment healthy then the cumulative effect will be very big.

    As a good citizen we must help the agencies whether they are private or Govt, who are doing good work in maintaining the ecology of our surroundings by various deeds like plantation, cleanliness drive, mass volunteer action for environmental awareness etc.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is our duty to protect the environment. We know the level of pollution nowadays, we are already facing the consequences in terms of health complications and do not know how dangerous it may turn into if we do not check it immediately. The author has given a nice example about how the coconut vendor is contributing to reduce the breeding of mosquitoes.

    Whenever water accumulates in an uncovered enclosure, it becomes a breeding ground for the mosquitoes, the vendor observed these and used his common sense to stop it. The government plans different projects and takes many initiatives to check the environment, as a citizen we must cooperate too to make all the initiatives successful.


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    If we raise a concern that, "We all have a share in protecting our environment", than the first observation needs to be taken care of from ourselves. There are lots of activities which we continue to do but even then we don't care about it but always move ahead in preaching to others. Few of the activities which should have been stopped by now is the use of polythene bags because it is cheap & the vegetable vendors doesn't charge a single penny from you & this being in practice from all age group & irrespective of the beliefs & sex that we belong to.

    But a big salute to this "tender coconut vendor".

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    We must remember "We all"-------------------- Let us not forget all. We 'alone' are not responsible for the well-being of the world. Others also have to contribute.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Partha, can't we begin with I and ME? Why give it a negative shade? Let us not be bothered by the reaction of others. Give it a kickstart and feel the difference.
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    I don't want to bring ME of the ISC here (just joking)! 'All' is more important.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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