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    Indices showing the poverty status of different districts.

    Based on the Multi-dimensional Poverty Indices (MPI) for the year 2016, poverty has come down in our country, when compared with those for the year 2006. However, there are districtwise variations.The only district within the whole country with the index zero ( no starvation) is Kottayam district of Kerala. The two other districts closer to Kottayam are Thrissur and Ernakulam (0.001 each).Out of the ten districts with least famine, eight of them are from Kerala. The other two are Chennai district in Tamil Nadu (0.05) and Mahi in Pondichery (0.001). Various welfare oriented projects and the systematic distribution of consumer items and rice through the Ration shops would have helped these districts to reduce starvation.
    These indices are prepared by the UN agency UNDP jointly with Oxford Poverty and Development Initiative.
    As per these Indices, the most famine hit districts in the country are Alirajpur (0.402) and Jabua (0.393) of Madhya Pradesh and Shrawasty (0.393) of UP. Ten of the most starved districts are in MP, UP and Bihar.
    Nutrition, Child death rate and education level are the major factors considered for arriving at these indices. Out of 105 countries considered India stood at 53rd place. Starvation is least in Armenia and highest in Niger.
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    It is nice to note that poverty has come down in our country. Exactly we are at the 50% mark of the total countries studied. 53rd position in a list of 105 countries. Thanks to the author for the information shared. We should congratulate the Kerala people and the administration there for achieving no starvation level at least in one district and it is very nice to know that 8 districts are from Kerala out of 10 with fewer starvation levels. The other state governments should also see that the poverty levels will come down in the other states also taking Kerala as an example.
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