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    How many holidays do we require in a year?

    Holidays are very important part of our work life as they provide us the break from our strenuous jobs as well as provide time for doing our personal works.

    The holidays provided in Govt organisations differ from that of private in many respect and in general the number of holidays provided in Govt sector are much more than that of private.

    I remember earlier there was only Sunday as the weekly holiday but with time many organisations adopted 5 days week and Saturday became an additional weekly holiday. So together they count as 104 days (52 + 52) in a year. Apart from this there are holidays during festival times and on an average 20 such holidays are there in a year.

    There are some organisations who do not observe 5 days so they are deprived of these 52 days in a year which otherwise would had been available to them also.

    So on one side we talk of efficiency, hard work and dutifulness in our work places but there are people who are given about 124 days (104 + 20) as holidays in a year. That looks a pretty big figure to me seeing that there are so many pending works and delayed projects in the offices or institutions. Of course many other people might be getting less holidays than that depending upon where they are employed.

    What is the opinion of the members. Are these holidays on the higher side or adequate?
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    I agree, we have changed and we need more and more free days, to do what? Most of the time, people waste their time on weekends watching TV and eating Junk. I think festivals and National Holidays are definitely a big yes yes for me. As we get time to spend with family or cook something to showcase love etc. But Holidays like I need free time, why there is no Holiday on this, why don't we work only 4 days a week etc, remarks are seriously overrrated.
    8-10 Holidays for National days and Festivals are more than enough.

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    The author has forgotten to take into account the leaves available to the employees. The employees will have casual leaves, sick leaves and earned leaves. On an average, there are about 50 leaves which an employee can avail. So total free days available to an employee will be 52+52+20 +50=174 days. In a year if we take 365 days, we have 174 free days. ten the actual working days will be only191 days only. Some organisations work for 6 days a week. In such case, the free days will be 122 and working days will be 233 days.
    I feel definite that the holidays are higher. To improve productivity it is better if we think of scattered weekly offs rather than everybody having holidays on the same which will make the work to come to stand still. Some people use these free days wisely and try to make some additional money or to acquire an additional qualification which will help their career to get a boost.

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    Holidays are on the higher side no doubt about it. What is required is these are to be made consistent and uniform over all the sectors private or Govt.

    There is a need for reduction and rationalization of these holidays. People should understand that when essential services are running round the clock it means that some people are working on even the holidays.

    So let us enjoy the holidays but at the same time the extra holidays in the system should be dispensed with and that is definitely going to reduce the burdon of pending and delayed work everywhere.

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    The holydays shouldn't be of any concern so far the works are not getting effected. The Saturday as an additional option given by the top companies are actual in context to the facilities extended to their employees so as to retain them for longer periods & therefore nothing is for free.

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    Yes it differs from organisation to organisation. We just have 15 ELs and 7 Cls plus the Sundays which are too less if compared to government organisations and other top pvt organisations but thats we get. Its hard as sometimes due to audits and other works also we have to go to office. We get so much tired till we reach Friday and wish we could also have Saturday too an off day but thats difficult.

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    It really depends on the work and people who are availing the holidays. Those who are in emergency services do not have any such fixed holidays and enjoy a weekly off. If the job is office based then people have fixed holidays like Saturdays, Sundays, Festivals etc. There are many people working in the servicing field who have tough time to mange a work-life balance.

    I have seen people working in the government sector are more concerned about the holidays, though it's absolutely my personal opinion, but in private sector people have different opinions. The main thing here is the work-life balance and for that we have to utilize the holidays/leave in a way so that the work is not hampered. Every employee is earning a part of the revenue for the company so it is the duty of both the employee and the employer to look after each other's benefit.


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