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    Rs 3000 Cr. Tribute To Sardar Patel : Why to politicize the matter?

    During one of the TV debates, I made a comment, "What we are justifying here? The legacy of Sardar Patel. A big shame for all those who oppose this stand". & in against to this I received the below reply,

    "Lol people are dying because of bad infrastructure, lack of public Healthcare, lack of safe drinking water, massive unemployment and people living in slums and the idiot government spend tax payers money on this?...…….."

    To the above, I than added with the below comment,

    "@Sam Waris Sam Waris …… If you take a note than you don't have any idea about how many were employed during this course & in the future also there is going to be too many opportunities available in the nearby areas & would provide assistance to the thousands of families. Estimated to have thousands of tourists on daily basis who would visit this place & will for sure would boost the tourism industry as well. What do you feel about who is going to get the benefit of all those?"

    What do feel about what's going on inhere? The individual is absolutely right in his context but why he is not able to see the other aspects too which will benefit the other areas for sure?
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    No doubt. This statue is going to generate many tourists to this place not only from our country but also from other countries. The places around the area will also get a boost as the people coming here will prefer seeing the nearby places also. Thus it is going to generate a good foreign exchange. Around the area, the supporting businesses like hotels, restaurants, shops, etc., will come up and accordingly, employment will be generated and people will have scope for making some earnings here. But many people say the benefits what we are going to get out if the development around the statue may not be in proportionate to the amount spent. But everything we can't think like a business. The statue will serve two purposes. One is tourism development and the chance of coming generations to know about the sacrifices this man has made for the independence of the country and then making the country united. However, this statue is also bringing unity among many political parties except BJP.
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    There are many countries where such places of pride are there and in fact they are generating revenue also.

    So, if we have erected a statue of a great statesman of our country there should not be any fuss about it.

    People who are making unnecessary hue and cry are those who are not in power and are searching some opportunity to defame the present Govt on one context or other. There is no use of doing such cheap practices. As a citizen we should support any national monument and feel proud of it.

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    "Lol people are dying because of bad infrastructure, lack of public Healthcare, lack of safe drinking water, massive unemployment and people living in slums and the idiot government spend tax payers money on this?...…….."

    What an insane logic?
    Social needs are not the driver of decision on spending. We need multiple investments
    India is having more than 40 Mirage 2000 fighter jets costing Rs 150 Crores each. Shall we stop defense spending?

    The statue can generate money. It generates pride among people and productivity.

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    Politicians are there to politicize every issue. This statue is the world's tallest statue and will attract crowds from all over the world. These kind of hue and cry by the opposition parties and few local people are always there whenever money is spent on purposes other than any development project.

    Nobody is going to contest when somebody says India is a poor nation. We all know that and lot more to be done to improve the living conditions of the people here. At the same time, we must look into all the other aspects too encompassing certain expenditures. When there is a rise in the tourism sector and many people are showing interest to make it their profession then it can always be utilized to generate revenue.

    People have their own point of views, few very practical, few political, a few even may always critical.


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    Sardar Patel is a great leader. A statue in his memory is to be appreciated. There need not be any politics about it. Majority of the comments are about the money spent on it. Different people may have different opinions but there is no need to politicize it.
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    Every nation-state requires a symbol. An Islamic state like Pakistan requires a Quaid-e-Azam Home Museum (at Karachi). It is a symbol of a idea named Pakistan (although many say that it was a terrible idea). A truly democratic nation-state like the USA has the Statue of Liberty. Same is applicable for every nation-state. The giant Statue of Unity is similarly the symbol of the integrity of India. As Sardar Patel united this country in 1947-48, his statue was required. The giant statue indicates India's aspiration to be a giant in every field of life.

    Those who don't believe in India's aspiration will have no place in India's scheme of things in future.

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    The Statue of Liberty is a gift to the USA by the French people commemorating the alliance of France and the United States during the American Revolution.
    What about the other people like Mr. V.P. Menon and Lord Mountbatten, who were also instrumental in uniting the country?
    If at all a nation requires a symbol, for India, it will be none other than Gandhiji.

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    For me, there are too many grand personalities lived on this planet & our nation is not an exception to this. To name one, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam who although had lived in poverty but grown to such an extent that he became the President of our country & in throughout his life we don't find any black spot but instead will continue to inspire & motivate to the existing as well as upcoming generations.

    My point is that slowly the text books & the debates are missing the contributions of the biggest of the personalities like the Rani Laxmi Bai & we should start realizing those facts & in order to have this we require to have changes in our mentalities to begin thinking on a bigger perspective because one day we will all be dead but what the coming generations would be left with would be more important than.

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    Ved Prakash, it would have been nice if you could provide a link to the discussion which you are referring to.

    Coming to the topic, who politicized the statue is a serious question. The criticism was not because the statue was of Sardar Patel; it was because of the cost. The tourism and cost-effectiveness factors are trending in the social media and I don't disagree totally but I would like to remind our members that the statue has got nothing to do with respect because Sardar Patel does not need any introduction. Our PM and his team have very calculatedly placed Sardar in the heart of Gujarat; not because he was the brain behind integrating India but because 'he is a Patel and he is from Gujarat'. Let us not forget the Patel agitation and the upcoming election.

    3000 crores is no meager amount. Even if we consider the tourism possibilities, I doubt whether it was required. Talking about development, how do we justify the displacement of people who were staying in the area (Read the news or neglected)? If we can't ensure a house or a one time meal to the people today, what good would it do if we promise (non-reliable) after ten or fifteen years?

    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    The link has been given below,

    In addition, there would be pros & cons for each actions & therefore looking at the bigger picture is desirable.

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    I don't understand why BJP is forgetting his Iron man and Hijacking other peoples from other party. Everyone know BJP Iron man is Mr Lal Krishna Advani but we all know these days they are trying and showcasing faith for Legends like Dr Ambedkar, Mr Patel and Mr Gandhi. I think, they understand that BJP don't have historic peoples.

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    Ved Prakash, were you a participant in that debate? We need to be responsible. Partha, can you be straight with responses?
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    Sir, what is my fault? I merely mentioned in my last response (#652136) that every nation-state (successful like the USA and unsuccessful like Pakistan) needs some symbols for nationalism. I mentioned that the Statue of Unity can be a symbol for Indian Nationalism just like Statue of Liberty depicting US Nationalism or Jinnah Museum depicting Pakistani Nationalism.

    If I am still not clear, it is a real great crime on my part. You have every authority to punish me for this crime. Enjoy!

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    #652264/ Rahul, are you going into the copy right debates? You mentioned about "Mr Lal Krishna Advani", but according to me performance does matter or else we can be evident of the downfall of the Congress party & we know the reason why.

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    Historically, opposition parties and some other elements in our society have a habit of criticising and condemning whatever the ruling party does. It is good to criticise but when people start criticising just for the sake of it then it hurts.

    Anything of national importance and pride should be respected and honoured especially when it is related to a great statesman of freedom movement time. If we do not give respect to them the world will also follow the suit. There are many issues and shortcomings in the governance of the present Govt, we should rather discuss and criticise those things in stead of wasting our time in such filthy criticisms.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    All important leaders in India like Gandhi, Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were cremated in very costly areas of New Delhi and for each great personality, a monument was constructed in an area of about 50 acres. The cost of these lands if we calculate today the cost will be very high and will never be less than the cost of this statue. But when so much land was allotted, nobody thought it is a waste. Because of all the people, irrespective of their political affiliations thought that this is required keeping the sacrifices of the leaders in mind.
    But after a long time, a statue of a great leader was erected and some people are trying to make a lot of hue and cry and politicising the issue. It is not a good practice to criticise such issues unnecessarily keeping the politics in mind. The Statue will earn its money and then make profits also to the country as the tourism department is planning to make it a good place for tourists. So I feel it is better not make everything a part of politics.

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    3000 Crore is huge amount spent on the statue. But thats okay because that will attract tourists there. Whatever government does it does for some profit only. That right the money spent will be recovered but that will be recovered gradually.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    #652381 # in addition, these cremation grounds don't have any tourist attraction & therefore only maintenance cost & no major revenues out of it even if there is any.

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    India is not rich country where we can spend 3000 crore rupees in some experiment. But most people don't understand is that Mr PM Modi visited 100 countries in last four and half years with its delegates to get business from other country. I think he already spent 10,000 crore in all these visits etc. So, 3000 crore is not big amount.
    This government always put responsibility on court for any decision because they think from small mentality. They are not giving OROP to army. Also Pension for RRB banks got decision from Supreme court. From money point of view Congress was better as compared to BJP. Also Congress is not giving any thing to me.

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    @652383 this is wrong these all are tourist attraction. Those who come to Delhi visit Rajghat and Shantivan. But there is no revenue as there is no ticket as such for visiting these places. Although tourists who visit Delhi spend money ultimately generate revenues.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Some of the members raised the issue of income generation as a tourist spot. The Taj Mahal which attracts a large number of tourists than any other tourist spots in India generated an average income of Rs 25 crores per year in the last three years. At this rate assuming the same number of visitors to the Statue of Unity, it will take more than 120 years to get back the amount spent. This calculation is excluding the expenditure on staff salaries and maintenance.
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    It is recent trend in youngsters as they questions foolishly everything by thinking as smart. Recently one person visited Tanjore temple with me asked why that king wasted his money etc in such constructions. I told him,'why he built a big house with three bed rooms as yourequested family consists you,wife and a small male child'. He replied the he did so for his son. I replied similar to that the king did for us.
    If every ancestors think like this no place would remained for us.

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    I would say that the statue erection got some other mottos rather than creating unity. It is very clear from the discussion majority of the people support it and it's a good thing @KVRR that you brought in the revenue statistics of Taj Mahal. Tourism development might be a good idea but spending the tax money for betterment of people suffering at this moment is most important than creating a statue and expecting the tourism and development . If attracting tourists for development of that region is one of the reason to build the statue why do you build it in Gujrat? We all know Gujrat is a developed state with positive budget always. And I would like to know whom the government is trying to unite ? Rather talking about unity and diverting the whole nation on this debate government should think and act on some measures to strengthen the falling rupee. The same government promised to bring back the black money from Swiss bank what happened today ?
    There are a lot of things which is more important at this very moment. Only by building Adiyogi Statue and Sardar Patel statue no country is going to accept India as a developed nation and the outsiders will have a better opinion than us always. Follow the videsi news papers then the supporters can understand what is our real stand and which area the government should work on. Great leaders always wanted the people of country to grow further in all terms. I don't really know if Patel will accept this if he is alive. As the forum topic says government should not politicize and confuse people saying statue building is a tribute to great leader Sardar Patel contributions to the country. The real tribute to all the leaders who sacrificed their whole lives for the country is betterment of people of the nation. As there are still huge number of people live without electricity and at least one meal a day, government should concentrate on those vital issues.

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