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    The interview of a newcomer

    I looked downwards to see what people are doing below, oh! it's covered with smog, I can't see properly. They set me so high up here and I thought of watching everything from this place to suggest the necessary changes required. One thing I must tell them immediately, they have to check the pollution, it is rising alarmingly. I looked around; far away I can see somebody holding a torch. Maybe, some other guys might have fixed somebody over there to watch their activities. I need to know the people and places around me. Let me talk to the torch bearer.

    I said, "Hello, can you hear me"? No reply. I shouted even more louder and now I heard a faint female voice. She said, "Hi! you are far away and appear much taller. Are you new to this place? I haven't seen you earlier"? I replied, "Yes, I just came here a few days ago. They installed me high up here with a message to spread". She said, "Is it so? I am also an icon here, to spread the message of freedom". I murmured, they all install us so high, just to spread some messages. She again asked "So, what kind of message you are going to spread? Have you decided yet or they have already fixed the messages that you need to spread"? I said, "They told me to spread the message of unity". She laughingly replied, "That's great, everybody need to stay united at this crucial time. There is so much discord between people and if this continues it's hard to imagine the consequences. Can you tell me the messages that you are going to spread?" I replied, "Who is going to listen to me? A chunk of them have the earphones plugged into their ears and even if I utter a word they will just Google it and say the rest, they won't even let me to complete the sentence, they are so intelligent nowadays". She asked me, "You said Google? They have their headquarters here and headed by a man who is from your country." "I know, I know, but tell me when they are not willing to listen to me, how can I spread the message of unity"? She advised me "When people are not willing to listen, tell the politicians there, they have a greater influence on the people there." I replied, "You said politicians? Ha, ha, ha, they unite only in the time of elections and when their own goals are not met they start to segregate. They even segregate to serve their own purpose, you know". She acknowledged by saying "They are same all over the world, I am standing tall here since 1886 and seen many things, couldn't do anything, just remained a silent spectator". I asked, "You have so much experience then, why not guide me too? See, we both are here to spread the message. You are spreading the message of freedom and I am spreading the message of unity. Why not work together to achieve the goal"? Her voice choked, she said, "You are new here, stay there for a while and you will understand everything, you will understand our limitations. Anyway, if you need any suggestions as a newcomer, I am always here to help you". "Thank you so much, friend. Let me settle here for sometime and I will tell you my plans".

    The interview ended, I stopped for a while trying to apprehend about my fate.

    This is my entry for the TOW Contest
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    A very nice interview by a statue standing high with another recent statue of greater height. The politicians in India have their own personal goals and they will unite if necessary and they can get separated when they don't want. The politicians like to use all these things for their personal benefits. A good write up. What this poor statue can do when the creators of these statues have no intentions of respecting the great people and they want to use them for their political advantage.
    always confident

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