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    It is important to take a pause

    Do you pause and look back? Do you rethink what you have been doing and recalculate your moves? Does pausing in between help you take better decisions? Join this thread and discuss what you feel about the importance of pausing in between your busy schedule.

    Today, I was wondering what I can write upon. In the process, I decided to check my profile and see where I was and what I have become (maybe to find some topics to ponder upon after assessing my thought process these years). It was like taking a pause and simply looking at past self.

    How often we do that? Do we really take some time out, not every day, but once in a while, and look back? It is not important to always rethink your actions, but sometimes it is a good habit of recalculating yourself. I used to do the same and in fact, I do it quite often.

    Let me explain:
    I was in a rush profession couple of months back and I was doing what everyone expected me to do. I had a band and everyone wanted me to do covers, songs, and performances regularly and play this song, that song and so on. But one day, I took a break from jamming (as I was not enjoying, all the tension for booking, Guitar practices etc.). I checked the reason behind the same. I realized I couldn't visualize myself playing or doing a playback singing for a career. I was happy looking at myself as a charity performer, but not as a professional performer. It took me a while to fix things and that pause, and rethinking really helped me.

    I can say, I am more than happy at playing in old age homes here as it relaxes me and serves a purpose. I can see myself enjoying music like this for a longer time.

    There is my story. How often do you take a pause and recharge? Do you have any similar experiences?
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    Yes it is important to take pause sometime in life and analyse what we are doing and what we will be if go on the same path and with the same pace.

    I started my career in a very small company. I had low salary there and less growth. I always used to think that I should quit this job and have another job. But I did not get much time to search the job so could not get it. I spent my valuable 4 years there. Then one day I sat and thought I would have no future if I continue that job and finally decided to give resign and I gave without thinking that I have no job and no chance to have a new job.

    After leaving that job I rigoursly stated searching the job and got one of my choice after giving 4-5 interviews.

    Finally I understood that it's better to take pause in life sometime and analyse so that we may make our life better.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Yes. It is true. Always it is better to sit for sometime and review our past. This will give us some insights about our past actions and whether we erred anywhere. This will give us a chance to make our further steps strong and make our life more better. Without reviewing the actions if we continue we know that we have lost a lot of time.
    For 28 years I served an Organisation without getting into the family needs and family life. Of course I was successful in my career. Now I have taken a break. When I spend time with my granddaughter, I am feeling that I have lost a lot of family life and happiness. Now I am spending good time with family and enjoying the life. This I have started only after reviewing my past and understanding what I lost.

    always confident

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    Taking a break and pausing for some time and reviewing the past is a good habit as it helps in taking calculated and deligent decisions which otherwise we miss in our hectic life.

    Before my retirement I had some dreams about it that how I will be engaging myself. Unfortunately my health deteriorated and I was totally off the track for one and a half year. That was a big pause for me. During my recovery from my various ailments I was continuously thinking about my past performances and future aspirations. As my mobility for moving from one place to another reduced, I was for most of the time in the house itself and then it suddenly occured to me why not spend some quality time in the online knowledge sharing sites.

    Today I am contributing in 5-6 sites which are mainly scientific and educational and I am enjoying my participation in them.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It's always important to pause, analyze and restart again. The pause and restart remind me the two important functionalities of music/video player. We pause it for few reasons. If our attention is required in any other activities at that moment, we pause it. We pause it too, if we are unable to understand certain words of the song and replay it again.

    In life too we do this. We need to pause to understand ourselves better, we need to pause the things that we are doing if another important issue comes up that requires our immediate attention. If we take a little break regularly, we can think what we have done the whole day and what we intend to do next. So, we must stop to listen to our minds.

    I try to take a break each day, thinking of the activities I did, thinking about the past and how I can improve myself to move further. Pausing for a while is a great way to analyze yourself.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    I agree to the above views and generally we have seen that peers who are in their prime youth do not wish to carry out this activity. My younger brother feels like, he is soaring towards his goals and when I try to teach him the same, he says it gives him immense fear and tension, when he dwells over mistakes and wish to think ahead.
    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

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