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    Jokes of the day to relax,please

    Wife:(to husband)what you are seeing deeply in our marriage certificate?
    Huaband:Seeing whether is there any expiry date.
    Once a divorce case came to court. Judge asked the wife about the reason for divorce.She told that he,husband was uttering a female name as milliga while sleeping.judge asked whether it was her name. She replied,"yes sir but he have no gut to utter my name but the name of our servant is also the same."Judge called the servant maid,narrated the case and asked whether her name is milliga. She replied yes sir but he (petitioner's husband)used to call me only as darling. Judge told that the dismissed as no proof. But both the ladies cried in same voice,"judge sahib please find out who is that third milliga".
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    At times, we need to laugh between our busy schedules. Jokes are an integral part of our life and nowadays there are so many ways and means to find them. Many of us do not have the time to look into the messages that we are receiving and if you look into all the messages, I am sure there will be few jokes too. Thanks for sharing.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Good jokes to have fun and relief. Thanks to the author for the jokes. It is nice to have some such jokes for a change once a while which will give us a gap in our daily problems.
    always confident

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