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    These threads may be pinned to the front page

    Since yesterday, I am noticing a change in the evaluation of the total points that I scored. Earlier in the right side, in place of 'My Points', total points that I scored in that day used to be mentioned, but there is a mismatch in the total points scored for the past two days that is reflected from the score mentioned in place of 'Yesterday' too. According to my earning reports, yesterday my score was 31 whereas it is showing 26 in the front page under 'My Points'. Today also there is a mismatch which I never experienced earlier. Is there any change in the method of calculation, where points to certain replies are not reflected in the total score?

    I would like to mention another two inconsistencies which require the editor's attention. There is an interesting thread which is open for 10 days where members can post their response. I feel these type of threads should be pinned to the 1st page, but unfortunately this thread is languishing in the 3rd page.

    There is another thread in which members are requested to share their interesting activities, but is now in the 2nd page.

    Threads, which require members' response may be pinned to the front page so that everybody can see it while opening the page.
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    That is what I have been noticing front page is filled with threads regarding ISC news / announcements due to which all the interested threads are appearing on the second page which was in the past as at least 5-6 threads used to appear on the front page. Editors should check it.

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    Is it so difficult a task to go to the second or third page? I don't think so. If one is serious and is really interested, he can always search the index pages and also new posts to look for threads that need to be kept alive. Sankalan, I do appreciate and reciprocate your concern but it is not possible to pin all such threads so as to bring it to the first page.

    So what are the other options? Sparing some time and responding to such threads is a viable option. I would not have raised this point, if not for this thread, that members must try to encourage good threads by posting responses. It would be easy to post responses to general threads which do not require one to spend some time in giving it a thought but that is not the case with threads as the ones that have been referred to by you. We, as editors, do try to bring up such threads but encouragement from members in the form of responses is what actually matters. Posting responses to threads that have quality content and are thought-provoking will surely encourage members to post more such threads.

    So my answer to your suggestion is that one should not restrict himself to the first page, spare some time, go on to the second or third pages and look for threads that deserve to be kept alive, post your well thought and well-conceived responses there so that an interesting discussion is built-up. Let us keep it in mind that forum is all about what and how members conceive it to be.

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    Already the Lead Editor clarified that it is not possible to pin such messages. I agree with his comments. If one is really wanted to see all the threads and like to respond to interesting threads, it will not be a problem to go to second and third pages of forum section.
    Coming to the points of totalling, so far I never found any difference in the totals. Sometimes when we post a response at the top of the page a message comes saying that an error took place. In such case, your points will not get counted. Then you have to edit and post the response. Then the points will get counted.

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    I would like our members to please take note of this thread and respond effectively. Sankalan, hope you got the idea behind my response now. Since three responses have already been posted, you could have brought the thread to the first page.
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    Yes, Saji Sir, I got your point. We also have a responsibility towards highlighting those important threads, as mentioned here, by posting valuable updates in the threads so that they automatically get highlighted among the other recently posted threads.

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    Sometimes there is a mismatch between the actual point and My points as depicted on the right side but after some time they come in agreement. Probably this is happening due to timeout and other delays between the server and the user.

    Regarding the placement of the threads they move up and down depending upon the responses posted and there position does not matter much once they are accessible in initial 2-3 pages. Some of the threads are lost in the crowd just like that when there are lukewarm response to them.

    In fact threads of general interest like politics and controversies reign supreme and knowledge and academics related follow them. In the internet everywhere we face same dilemma.

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