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    Why not ban crackers totally?

    It is high time that the Government of India brings in a legislation to totally ban the manufacture of crackers. We should not allow import of cheap Chinese crackers either.

    It is becoming a huge nuisance. The roads become so dirty. Infants and the very old are badly affected. The Madras High Court has restricted the use to just one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. But this one hour is enough for millions to go full blast and destroy the very fabric of peace and silence.

    Is it not high time that we act? What is the use of burning money? The noise pollution, water pollution and air pollution are very bad indeed;

    Those employed in the cracker units can be rehabilitated and the same capitalists can be given concessions to go the full hog in the printing businesses, where there is tremendous scope.

    What do members have to say on this?
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    The tradition of burning crackers during the Diwali time is very old and if we want to abolish it then simply restricting people not to use it will not help. For such a large population stubborn to use them, no Govt can stop this euphoria.

    Crackers are used elsewhere also - during marriage procession, election victories, in stadiums during opening and closing ceremonies etc. So the question comes if these are harmful for environment we should not allow them anywhere whether it is a private function or Govt ceremony or religious festival like Diwali. So necessary ordinances or laws are to be devised to stop them.

    Another important aspect of this is the plight of cracker business and industry in our country. We are a large manufacturers of crackers in our country a large part of which is sold during Diwali time. What will happen to this industry and how are we going to give alternative employment to these lakhs of people engaged in this business.

    So these are the things that in spite of wishful thinking of the good citizens of this country, this evil is has not been eradicated by any Govt so far.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Diwali is festival of light so why not we light candles and diyas. But gradually bursting crackers became the tradition and people started bursting crackers more than lighting candles and in present scenerio its difficult to ban it completely.

    But government will have to take some steps to stop and aware people that by bursting crackers they are only polluting the environment as well as burning their hard earned money.

    Its all about how they make people understand it. Various awareness programs and campaign may be started to make people aware just by making the law not burst crackers won't solve the issue as there are people nationwide who feel pleasure by doing things against the law.


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    Only a few days back, the ME raised a thread on the same issue. My view is simple. Let us shift to bicycle for a month to balance the so-called pollution caused by firecrackers. But let us get a respite to celebrate our festival freely.

    For the last ten days or so, I have been noticing various direct and indirect awareness campaigns initiated by Indian liberals to stop firecrackers during Diwali. Suddenly, the air of India has become unbreathable. Suddenly India has become a gas chamber. And the bursting of firecrackers hasn't yet started.

    Let us call their bluff. Let us celebrate Diwali with all pomp and glory. Let us celebrate Diwali with aloo-bombs and colourful chakris. And let us ask them to forget their vehicles and use bicycles. If they don't know how to ride a bicycle, they can hire rickshaws to commute.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Why should it be banned completely? Is it the only activity we are doing which causes problems and pollution? Using firecrackers is once a year or twice in a year activity. By completely banning these crackers will definitely hurt the sentiments of a section of the people in the society. It will become another issue like the Ayyappa temple issue.
    There are many ways and means to control the pollution. I feel we should attack those issues first. Using electric power for vehicles will reduce pollution by 50%. Let us concentrate on that.
    A number of synthetics we are using in our lives are made in the factories and those are creating a hell lot of pollution. Let us think about that?
    I agree for banning the import of crackers from China. A good lot of work is going to make green crackers which will be available in the market in another two or three years. I hope that will solve the problems of the pollution.

    always confident

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    I agree with Partha Sir / #652142, that why this is seasonal trend to implement with such trends specifically to the festival of Hindus but we are blind then when lakhs of animals were sacrificed during Eid. The next forecast is very much clear during Holi when the SC as well as the NGOs would again come together to restrict or to stop the use of water because many in our country are still devoid of safe drinking water but when lakhs of liters of water is used for the maintenance of grounds for IPL matches then we don't panic of the extravagance uses of this precious resource. I am not supporting this but to hell with the judgments & decisions when biased to a specific community.

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    Instead of banning crackers ban private vehicles, ban stubble burning, ban illegal mining, ban cutting down of forest. There are more than hundred reasons for pollution but all the blame goes to fire crackers and that too in one day.
    Deepawali has been my favourite festival since childhood, to be honest now what I see that actually firecrackers are not burnt to the extent it used to be. It is not even 10% of what I have seen since I was a kid.
    We used to start Deepawali celebration with beginning of Dussehra only and used to daily burst crackers or light some sparkles throughout the month. We used to spend our pocket money saved throughout the year on firecrackers. Now after 15 years it is not even a fraction of what it used to be. Still firecrackers are made the culprit which I fail to understand. Not just that, even more so they have become so expensive that I don't even prefer purchasing a lot of it.

    If we really want to improve the situation then improve the public transportation system so that people may prefer them rather than using private vehicles, the emission will be low and pollution will not be there at all. Why not plant more trees, it not only reduces air but provides a shield from sound pollution too. Why not stop stubble burning by farmers rather, there are other cheap alternative to burning.

    We don't want to find a solution but just put a blame and ban this thing or ban that thing. When government knew that green firecrackers are also there then why it woke up just before a week to Deepawali. Now it has banned sale of crackers online and even offline shopkeepers are harrassed by Police. Why did government not issued the instructions at the time of Dussehra only to atleast allow shopkeepers to stock green firecrackers. Now they have lost their living.

    I know loud crackers cause problems to animals and also aged people but there are simple solutions for that too. I also had a dog and cow but we used to keep them in a proper cozy room on day of Deepawali so that they don't get scared.

    Pollution is not in crackers but in the attitude of people who don't want to change themselves but willing to kill jobs of lakhs of people for their comfort. China is growing and outperforming the whole World because it comes out with solutions rather than complaint. It is growing because their citizens are willing to change and work accordingly not just complain and ban everything. Why do we purchase Chinese goods just because they are more innovative and cheap too. Why in India we do not see any improvement in quality of crackers or other items. We are busy in complaining and crying.

    I live in Delhi/NCR and I know ho much hue and cry is made here in the name of firecrackers.

    We are ignoring the pollution that we do throughout the year but we are crying about Deepawali for one day that there will be pollution. It is not pollution but a loud explosion of happiness we express on this festival through crackers.

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