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    No permanent friends or foes in politics.

    Many people say that friends and foes in politics will change as time changes. A party which is a friendly party to another party today may become an opposition tomorrow or vice versa also.
    NTR started Telugudesam with a firm opposition with Congress. He always used to comment against Congress in his speeches.
    Later when CBN has become the President of the party and CM he continued the same policy. After the bifurcation, he had become a very strong opponent of Congress party. Even today we can hear many of his old speeches in which he criticised Congress very critically.
    But now he is going with the same party in a friendly manner.
    I feel it is a move which is never expected and I don't know how much his party will get benefitted as AP people are very much against Congress. I want to know the humble opinions of other members.
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    The main issues revolves around the prices of fuel which will continue to improve as we get the imports from Iran because the USA has relieved in the sanctions to few of the countries including India. When this is improved the opposition throughout nation will get more impatience . It's going to be interesting.

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    It is absolutely correct, there are no permanent friends or foes in politics. What we see in the country today is very disturbing where every other political party is trying to grab power by different means. The selection of friends or foes intensifies during election times and we remain spectators only and laugh at their activities.

    For example, in West Bengal during the left tenure, the Congress was the opposition and in assembly elections in the state they are always opposing the lefts. But during central elections they become friends as evident during the UPA rule and this time also they are coming close to each other to unitedly oppose the BJP.

    But in a democracy we have the ultimate powers to select the candidates if the voting process is conducted without any malpractices. We see cases of intimidation and false voting in some parts which is also a way to grab power, so the election process also has a role in it. In West Bengal, there is a large scale violence and intimidation during the election process which is going on for years.

    Political parties indulge in this process of choosing their alliance after gauging their own prospects. Generally, people vote a political party based on their manifestos where their developmental agendas are mentioned. There are also false promises, but that rarely affects the prospects of the incumbent governments if there is no gross misrule. This choice of friends and foes affect the supporters of the party and in those case their supporters vote in a different way. Only the poll results will give us the outcome of the alliances where many equations take place while selecting the representatives.


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