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(This thread is the Special Prize Winner of the Topic-based TOW contest for the month of Oct. '18)
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    Interview - A Resulting Symbiotic

    Interview is a step with results in a mutual benificial relationship of employer as well as employee.
    Presenting my views depicting the same in the form of a small poem.

    Little nervous, little irritated,
    With droplets of sweat on the shroud,
    And a heap of tensed clouds,
    Round the head; initiated.

    With trembling steps and loopy brows,
    I entered the gigantic wise hall,
    An appraising look the interviewer throws,
    Dismally came outside every handsome and tall.

    Then came my turn n I went in,
    What you seek from the company,"said he,
    My heart came to normal with a thought therein,
    Umm...nervous, tensed What actually made me?

    They need us as we need them,
    I didn't realise but I must know,
    What made my mind so dumb and lame?
    Said I ,"Will I be benifitted n tell how?

    Eyes opened, broadened their mouth,
    They couldn't gulped rather looked south,
    Then with a smile and friendly band,
    They offered me a post, just in hand.

    This is a Tow entry
    Topic for the month end TOW contest for the month Oct'18 -'Interview'
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    A nice poem that describes the situation of most of the interviewees while going for the interviews. The mutual benefit of both the employer and employee is always very important for progress and it cannot be a one sided affair. This is a good message and should be in the mind of a job seeker while going for any job interviews.

    There is no clickable link in this post to notify that it is an entry to the contest and I would request the author to look into the help topics to know more about how to create clickable links in the posts, since it is required for contests and other referential purpose.


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    I am not fond of poetries but always intended to have a happy ending so I find one here. However good try from the author in context to the initial feelings of any candidate which is quite natural within each one of us.

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    The author presented the condition of a person when they enter the interview hall. This condition will be there for the initial interviews. But as we face more and more interviews it will become normal. It is a known fact that it is a mutual requirement. But the candidate will always feel as if the employer is doing us a favour. A good poem.
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    The author has nicely represented the condition of the interviewee engrossed with his own thought and he looks very confused. The members on the Board are aware of his perplexed condition and they even try to see the candidate in a comfortable condition. As the interview progresses, normalcy restores and the interviewee looks confident after witnessing the good gesture of the Board.
    The end of the poem offers a pleasant surprising to the interviewee by offering a letter of joining.

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    A good attempt by the author for the contest in form of an impressive poem depicting the plight of a person giving interview.

    Generally interview is a time when most of the people are nervous and subdued especially if it is their first or initial interviews. With time the confidence builds up and they face the interview in normal ways without any apprehension and fear.

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