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    Age is not a bar for learning.

    "I am aged and cannot think of learning". We can hear such comments very often. But this is not a always the case. Here is an example. Karthyayini Amma, hailing from Cheppad of Alappuzha district of Kerala, aged 96, has completed an examination, now eligible for joining class IV equivalent. She appeared for an examination at the end of attending literacy classes under the programme of Kerala Lieracy Mission Authority. She scored the highest marks, 98 out of 100. The exam consists of three papers, reading, writing and Mathematics. She scored full marks in the first two.In Maths she got only 38 out of 40. Thus her total was 98 out of 100. This was the highest score and hence became the topper in the batch.
    She was congratulated by everybody including the Cief Minister, who attended the function where she was felicitated and handed over the certificate in person.When she was asked what was her next plan, she said, "I want to complete the tenth standard and go for a job."
    The idea for learning came to her at this late age when she saw her daughter (60) completed SSLC at a late age. Karthyayani Amma's husband had died fifty years back.
    This has encouraged several illiterates in that area to attend literacy classes.
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    I read this news yesterday. Salute to the determined lady who has set an example. All directionless young men and women can take a lesson sitting under her feet. Thanks to the author for sharing this inspiring information on this platform.
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    I read this news as well. Indeed, such news does fire one up in admiration for the sheer zeal and determination. Age is not only not a bar for learning, but for any activity. Of course, for physically arduous activities, one must consider one's health first. Coming to the topic of this thread, it is hoped that students who are wholly indifferent to studies, to the extent of abandoning education despite having the means to it, learn something inspirational from this wonderful lady.
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    True. Many times we hear this from many people. This is a live example. I have seen this news with a photograph of the lady. It is the determination and commitment she had. These days people of 40 and 50 years also feel that they have become old and they can't learn anymore. As we grow old our remembrance capacity and sharpness may come down. Our strength will come down. But that lady was able to overcome all those and passed the examination. My respects and salutations to her. Everyone should take her as a role model and try their best to learn till their end.


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    Interesting & would be good if this let others feel of the value of education & literacy in the society. In addition this too is a good step on behalf of the state administration as well. No doubt that many small steps would led to a giant successes in one's life & of the nation as a whole. Best of luck.

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    It is very true that age is no barrier for learning. It only depends on interest and aptitude. A person who knows and understands the value of education will go for it.

    Aquiring education brings confidence and maturity in a person. Educational knowledge is like an ocean and when we take a few drops out of it then only we come to know this fact.

    We must attempt to learn new things or aquire knowledge at any age. The thrill of acquiring new ideas is itself a motivating factor for additional learning.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This determined lady can open up eyes for all the teen - agers lacking interest in their subjects despite the best efforts being provided by their parents to strengthen their basics.
    It appears that this old lady received some stimulation from her her own daughter who completed her matriculation at the age of sixty.
    Very well done, even a frail health would not come in the way of achievement, if determination is from the core heart.

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    That's true there is no age for learning things. People hesitate what people will say or they fear if they would be able to learn things in old age but that doesn't happen. Where there is a will there is a way, when someone is determined to learn things he will learn it.

    Recently I was seeing " India got talent" where an old lady of age 99 was doing yoga and she was doing all the aasans so neatly. People should get inspired when she can do it at this age why can't we learn things at any age.

    My father doesn't know to operate computer and he never could as he has some feeling that what will he do to learn at this age when he is already retired but when he saw the benefits of browsing net he bought a smart phone and has been operating it well now a days.


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    Karthyayani Amma is now presented with a laptop by the Kerala Minister for Education C. Ravindranath. Mr. Ravindranath visited her at her house and presented the laptop. The first thing she did after receiving the laptop is to type her name in English. Now she wants to appear and clear the Class X equivalency examination. A great woman who proved that age is no bar to learn. Hope she will complete the examination. My salutes to the woman.
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