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    Kundu-babu continued working even after retirement (Part-I)

    He had joined Railways as Assitant Station Master at an age of 21. When he had joined, people used to join lower-level posts in Railways much younger. But he completed his Graduation and only then he joined service. So, compared to others, he was much more qualified.

    He was respected for his education. Further, he proved to be very laborious. His education and diligence made him an asset of Eastern Railway. Slowly, he rose through the ranks. After spending more than 35 years in service, he became the Station Superintendent of a very important station in Birbhum District of West Bengal. But his name was known all over Howrah Division.

    His wife used to state that Kundu-babu was married to Railways. He never used to take leave. During every festival, Kundu-babu remained present in the station to supervise the train movement and commercial activities in the station, when most of his colleagues took leave. He never bothered about the working hours. After the duty hours, he used to sit with his reliever Station Master, other staff and continued guiding them. At the same time, his wife continued to struggle in the Railway Quarter with their only son. This continued year after year.

    But time never waits. Ultimately the day of the retirement came very close. Kundu-babu was emotionless. His wife was ecstatic. Their only son, by that time, was well-settled in Kolkata. Kundu-babu had promised his wife that immediately (the next day) after retirement, both of them would visit a popular tourist place (the name of which I have forgotten).

    Finally, the day arrived. Kundu-babu went to the station-building from the Railway Quarter located just outside the station premises. He worked just like other days. Many people, many Station Masters, many staff and even his seniors came to meet him. Kundu-babu talked to all and accepted all good wishes.

    At 6 p.m. the duty hour was over. The relieving Station Master came. Kundu-babu handed over the charge for the last time. He drew a line on the Train Movement Register to indicate that his duty was over. He signed the Cash Register. He also handed over the Goods Booking Register to his reliever.

    His reliever took over the charge. Kundu-babu was taking another cup of tea with the on-duty staff. Suddenly the telephone rang. The devastating news came.

    (To be continued at Part-II)
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    People like this are very rare especially in government Sector. Through out my career I worked in private organisations only. Hence I never experienced the conditions in government jobs. But I heard that there are no special incentives to hard working people and all will be treated on par. Even then some people work hard and try for achieving good name.
    As usual the author narrated the story well and left the readers in suspense. What is the devasting news and how it had impacted Kundu Babu is a big suspense and we have to wait for the next part.

    always confident

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    From the story it is understood that throughout his life Kundu-Babu's only love was railways and may be that's why he remained emotionless even during when the time of retirement neared. It's hard to find such people who is completely dedicated to his job, but for them their immediate family members do suffer.

    According to the title of the story, can we guess that Kundu-Babu has got an extended tenure? Let's wait for the next part.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Kundu babu seems to love his job more than anything which in some sense is wrong. He should have a balanced life. I don't like people who give more priorities to work only and forget that they have a home too.

    Whereas he is a very respectful person at work. Due to his dedication towards work he is liked by everyone. Its good that people are recognised at work for their work.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    There are some people who are very hard working , punctual and devoted to their work. They are rare and people remember them for their such extraordinary quality.

    The author has nicely narrated the story of one such person named as Kundu-babu and shown his work life in great details. The end of thread has created a suspense and aroused the curiosity to be addressed in the next part.

    Nice one, I enjoyed reading it.

    Knowledge is power.

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