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    Does it sound fair to you?

    As my brother's exams were going on these days, I would ask him every day how did his exam go? Every day he would say good and fine.

    Yesterday he was like- "How unfair is this world?" I was like, okay, what happened that makes you say this?

    So he replied like this, "We students have to pay school fees, we have to study, we get grounded if we don't study, we have to give EXAMS also after all this? How unfair is this?"

    I had such a hearty laugh thinking how innocent thought.

    Then I started thinking from a corporate point of view as well, students being clients, pay the school and the students end up doing everything which looks so unfair to them.

    Disclaimer: Please read this on a lighter note, it's not meant to demean the education system or the teachers. Just some unfair thoughts of a student who is fed up of giving the exam.
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    The corporate schools are very unfair towards students and their parents. They collect very high fees and they trouble the students in a very unfair way. They are unfair even to teachers also. They will exploit the situation and pay very less salaries. The amount they are taking from the students is so high that the students think that the management will manage their results. When it is not the case the students may feel like this.
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    Just by paying fee one does not become educated. It is the assessment or exam which only determines whether the student has understood what he was taught and explained in the schools. Education is only the learning platform for the future career and assignment of a person and if he feels that exam is unfair then throughout the life we have to appear in exams of one type or other then how we are going to cope up with that.

    For example if a person wants to become principal secretary in Govt he has to go through IAS route which is a tough exam compared to our exams in schools. So there is no point in escaping from the exam on the plea that we have already learned everything in the class and now nothing more is needed to verify that.

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    From the point of view of a school student it seems fair because at that age many students do not like to work hard for the exams. Students are listening to the seniors' point of view about everything around us where we complain that since we are paying somebody for doing a job they must do it efficiently.

    So, after listening to these kind of statements where quality of service is always equated with the remuneration paid it is easy to do a comparison with the education process too. The realization of students of that age is not so mature and that's why they can equate it with things that has no resemblance.


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    Up to some extent he's right. But we should not forget that we can have nothing in free so is education. In today's scenerio when everything is professional so is school. They take very high fees not only for tuition fees but for other activities also parents have to spend high. Even the tansporatation charges are very high compared to the normal fare. Institutions today have become so costly that middle class people are also finding it tough to cope up with their fees. Government should take some action on these private schools.

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    You know what I can relate to him because in my school days I also used to think like that even now after my graduation I totally agree with him.
    If you tell me to look at corporate aspect then I want to say one thing that clients pay for their work to be done and the firm's only motive should be to satisfy its client.
    Let's replace clients with students and companies/firms with schools or any educational institutes. Students or their parents pay to get an education which will help them in their future life and the faculty should provide quality education but the problem is our educational system nowadays became cat mouse race. Everyone is busy to win that race. Students are taught from the beginning that they need to score well in exams that's why they became fearful to appear exams.
    Students need to enjoy studies then only they will get satisfaction and it is the duty of the schools or institutions to satisfy their students aka clients.

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