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    An Unusual Interview

    The doorbell rang and Amit's mother opened the door. The postman was standing there .
    "Whose letter is it, Ma?" Amit asked from inside.
    "It's for you" His mother smiled and handed the letter to him.
    "It's an interview letter from a big company, Ma" Amit smiled sadly. It was his fifth interview and he was much worried whether he would get the job this time or not. After all, he was badly in need of a job as his father had retired last month.
    "On the fixed day, Amit got ready quite early. He touched the feet of his parents and went out. He reached the office and showed the letter to the receptionist. It was still half-an hour to go for the interview. The receptionist asked him to wait for his turn. Some other candidates were also sitting on the sofa, engaged in gossips and discussing various issues. Some newspapers and magazines were lying scattered on the big center table in front of the sofa. he took the papers and magazines and set them properly, it was his mother who had taught him to keep everything arranged.
    The interview started on time. It was being taken in a big room across a long passage. The names of the candidates were being called one after another. They were going in and after some time coming out with gloomy faces.
    After some time, it was the turn of Amit. He got up and moved towards the room. On the way, he noticed that the lights on the passage were still on though the sunlight coming through the open windows had made the passage bright. He hesitated for a moment and then put the lights off. While doing so, the noticed a flower-vase precariously kept on one of the windows which may fall at any time. He set it right and went ahead.
    He stood on the door and cleaned his shoes before entering. Two people-one younger and the other older were sitting on the other side of a big table who asked him to take his seat.
    "So, when will you join?" the younger one asked him.
    "Bu…but you have not taken my interview, yet" Amit stammered.
    The older man smiled. "The interview started the moment you had entered the reception room. Actually, we need a person who can manage our office efficiently and in a systematic way. Therefore, every action of the candidates was being watched by us through the CCTV. The scattered papers and magazines, the lights on the passage, the flower-vase kept precariously and last of all, the door-mat kept on the door were all part of our interview. And we are glad to say that you have come out with flying colours."

    "Go to the reception and collect your joining letter from the receptionist." the young man said with a smile.
    Amit's eyes filled with tears. It was the 'Sanskaar' (upbringing) of his parents that helped him get the job.
    This is my entry for the 'Thread of the Week" Contest October-18.
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    A very good story. I like it. Being systematic, keeping the thing in its own place definitely has benefits. Here it helps Amit to get a coveted job.
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    A good story. But I remember similar story I read elsewhere. But I am not able to recollect the source. Anyhow a good message about good housekeeping and my appreciations to the author.
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    A nice satire well narrated. Sometimes the good habits of the people are awarded and same has happened in this story. The alertness and keen observation of Amit is remarkable and that is what was liked by the interviewers most.

    A good attempt by the writer.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A very interesting story, where Amit got the job because of his upbringings. From childhood we learn many things, we follow some regularly that turn into habits. An important message is shared through this thread where it shows the importance of upbringings in a child's life.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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