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    "Even a worm will turn" fits me and for you?

    This expression fits me the most as it says even the docile creature too retaliate if punished too much.

    There are people who easily lose their temper even with the little things others do with them whereas I am different sort of a person who doesn't easily react on the things even I don't like them. I simply ignore the things as much as I can.

    That doesn't mean that I am weak so don't react or get agressive it's because it's my character. But I may retaliate like others when someone push me hard.

    What about you? How's your character?
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    Even a cat will attack if you try to hit it by keeping it in a closed room. Like that everybody will have a limit for tolerating issues which they don't like. Once the other party crosses the limits we will lose our cool. But these levels will vary from person to person. I am also a very mild person. Generally, I will try to be calm and quiet. Very rarely I get angry. But if I get angry I will not lose the same very easily. I will try for a chance to express my anger and see that the others will feel the pinch. But many people think that I am weak and fearful.
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    Reaction to attack is a normal human instinct though some people try to manage it by prolonging it. They will wait and see for some time and will retaliate after due diligence.

    Intolerance and quick response to offence is not a good trait as it leads to increasing flare in the fight. One has to be patient enough in taking a decision for retaliatory stand.

    Knowledge is power.

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