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    Interview - The Best Teacher

    If you look at the interview as your potential teacher you will learn a lot. After a considerable amount of time spent with people around us, We don't get feedback from them very often as they always understand us whether it is a co-worker or a family member, that is where naturally one gets into their comfort zone. There are so many reasons for finding a new job but I always see it as breaking the comfort zone to escape yourself from the rust out. Even though positive results from the interviews make one better, negative results always make them stronger, if you are good enough to crack a job with few interviews ' hats off! '. But remember your skills, situations, organizations need, everything favored at a right time and you landed a job. Not everyone is good to learn from negative interview results as people tend to develop some sort of inferiority complex after a considerable amount of NO's. You can learn only if you could freeze the interview moments to think about it later so that you will get clues to enhance your technical or presentation skills. Always look for reactions and facial expressions of the interviewer or the panel to see how they react to your responses. Studying the organization by doing enough research before going to an interview is the best practice as this is not a big deal in this era of advanced internet and social media.

    Before appearing to any interview you should have something in mind that you are not the only star in the sky, if you get selected you get an address of identity using which people can tag you in the huge galaxy. If not, you will get a better place to earn or learn to progress further in your career. From my first interview, I have had numerous lessons learned. I would always stick with a point the feedbacks you will be getting in response to an interview will take you one step ahead if you stay positive. I could say I am good at cracking interviews, I got a better job whenever
    I wanted to move on but it was not always the same. Before starting on my own I have appeared for interviews while doing my last job. I cracked the first job but opted out as I was in a dilemma of a better-salaried job for a while or starting my own company. Every interview I appeared after that was not very successful that is where I have realized that I was overconfident which may not give favorable results. I considered that as a positive sign and kick-started my business which I always wanted to do.

    One golden rule of achieving anything is 'Consistency'. If you need to crack any interview keep trying, keep pushing your limits gradually and consistently then SUCCESS is yours!

    TOW Competition Entry for Oct 2018.
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    It is very correct that interview gives us an opportunity to asses ourselves - where we stand. It is the acid test of our knowledge and intelligence in those few minutes.

    The successful people are always ready for giving interview because they know that it is going to benefit them only by telling them their present status of learning. So we should take the interview in that spirit and should not have any fear or apprehension about it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    We all should remember that it is essential to have confidence in ourself but over confidence is not required in any situation.

    Interview basically is the test of your self. Every interview tells us about our positive and negative things and its important to improve it soon. We should not afraid of interviews and don't feel nervous as many of us do.

    I also have given lots of interviews and had mixed results. I was always confident while giving interviews thats the reason I always used to pass them easily.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    To be successful in an interview the candidate should have a positive mind site. He should feel comfortable and never become shaky. He should be bold and truthful. If the candidate gets confused he can't fare well in the interview. A fresh mind without any anxiety will be sharp and will have more chances to answer the questions in a better way. If we really don't know a topic it is wise to accept that. There is no rule that we should know everything that is under the sky. Don't be overconfident but be confident. Be truthful. Then you will have better chances to be successful in the interview.
    always confident

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    This thread shares some good message for the interviewee. The golden rule to achieve anything is 'Consistency', which is true. It is important to learn from the mistakes. We learn where is the fault and rectify it. After a series of failures, not only in interviews but in many other things also, people may develop an inferiority complex.

    Series of failures may be a result of repeating the mistakes and one must pay attention to things in every situation. While success cannot be expected every time, overconfidence may ruin the chances.

    Confidence is always related to things that one knows, while overconfidence comes from the perception that one know's everything. If you can confidently say 'yes' to things that you know, be confident to say 'no' to things that you do not know. That is very important.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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