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    Pay attention! Somebody may require your help too

    We all are so interconnected. It's not possible to do anything alone. It's true that we all are unique and if we think deeply we will find that we cannot control other's innermost activities. But we require others cooperation in every sphere of life. People may become non-cooperative, people may abuse you and after certain situations you may feel like to move far away from this place where nobody will be able to disturb you. It's all temporary and you need to bounce back to your regular activities to lead a normal life. Imagine a situation where everybody around you became non-cooperative. They are not talking to you, not sharing anything with you and always avoiding you. Would you be able to handle that situation?

    I think, nobody will ever imagine a situation like this. We all are same, may be thinking differently. Give it a thought, be cooperative and pay attention. Maybe somebody requires your help too.
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    And that's the reason why do we need to change our habit and should always be ready to help others as this is always give and take relation. You help others they will help you. There are few people in the world too who will take your help but deny when you require theirs. Such people are selfish and are not liked by the people. I have seen such people and always avoid them as its better to stay away from such people.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Nobody can survive in this world without cooperation and team work. We may be extraordinarily brilliant or intelligent but even these attributes fail if we try to move alone. There are many successful leaders and business men in world who have taken their business to the top and made an empire out of it just by developing a team work and inculcating group dynamics.

    In management jargon team work is put at a higher pedestal than the individual aspirations and capabilities. We are connected to each other in a group through invisible strings and if we try to move ahead alone either those invisible connections will break or retard us back towards our group which will be adverse to our as well as organisational growth.

    So going alone may be beneficial in the spiritual world but in the real practical business situations only group dynamics work.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Team work pays more dividends. A single man can't do everything on his own. A team of more people with varied capabilities can deliver a better job than a single man. People say even silver plate requires a wall support to stand.
    A single man can't be a master in all the fields and hence coordination with each other among the employees of an organisations is required for the success of the company,

    always confident

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