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    Do job interviews reveal the truth?

    Job interviews have become an integral part of a person's career and everyone has to clear it to advance in their professional path. It holds equal importance for the companies as they want to hire the right candidates through their properly structured interview process. Depending on company standards job interviews vary in their complexity and duration.

    But a question worth asking is that is it guaranteed that a company will be able to hire a right candidate through their interview process.? Well not always. It is often difficult to judge completely a candidate's personality and skills in 5 -6 hours interview process and the reality will only be seen when the person joins the company and starts working. Nowadays candidates too have become smart in facing the interviews and they come prepared with the answers to commonly asked interview questions, so what they say during the interview may not always reveal their true self. So what should a company do if they see that their interview process is not able to hire good candidates for them? Many companies have started waking up to this reality and started following a nonconventional interview process where a candidate is given some real time situation and assignments and is assessed accordingly.

    On the other hand, if a company rejects the candidate during an interview does it means that he or she is not capable? Well these questions need to be answered by companies themselves and I feel that time has come where the hiring practices should get changed and job interviews should get replaced by a more practical approach where a candidate after some basic screening is allowed to straightaway join the company for some limited time where they try to show their talent in real time situations and live projects rather than proving themselves in fictitious interviews.

    So will the conventional interview practices get changed in the future?

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    I believe on the same you mentioned. No one can judge someone's potential in just few hours. Real talent of a person is known when he or she starts working in actual conditions. That's why it's better to give them the chance to work in real conditions where they may be judged for their decision making power, ability to work in pressure, ability to take work from subordinates, ability to work in team.

    One should expect people are more skilled to handle the practical situation at work apart from the technical and job knowledge to survive in the cooperate sector.

    These days companies take 2-3 rounds of interviews where they judge the capabilities of the candidates where in sometimes they reject the good candidates on basis of the interviews which is not their fault. This happens as interviewers are not God they may also do faults. But the thing to minimise such faults interview pattern needs to be reviewed and modified to judge candidates better.


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    Yes it is correct that we can not judge a person just by an interview as there are many things hidden behind the innocent faces. Still, it is one of the best recommended practices for selection to a vacancy.

    In our village the elders used to say that to test the cooked rice take a few grains in your hand and see whether they are soft and tender to find out that the whole lot is cooked well. So these are the methods to find the things from their samples.

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    It is true that it may not be possible to know the capabilities of a person just by asking a few questions and staying with him for 3or4 hours. But a person can understand the temperament of the other person by his reflexes and ways of answering the questions. It can also be understood whether he is bluffing or sincere. We may not be able to understand in-depth about the candidate but we can have a rough estimate of the candidate's knowledge.
    That is why making a correct decision and selecting the right candidate will depend more on the seletor's abilities . It is true many time we may lose a good candidate and end up with a unsuitable andidate.

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    A good observation by he author. It is correct that judging a candidate's full potential is not possible within few hours, but an overall idea of the job seeker can be gauged through the interview process. A conversation can reveal a lot of things and the interviews are structured in a way to find out the traits in the candidate the company is looking for.

    Though, to judge the capability of a candidate largely depends on the evaluator, the real ability is understood only after the candidate is put to test under the usual working conditions of a company. While it's true that it is not possible to judge a person fully in a couple of hours, it may take even a lifetime to understand a person fully.

    To the question whether the conventional process of interview is going to be changed or not, I would say time will only tell the true picture. The hiring process of candidates through different rounds of interviews is going on for a long time, though few companies may employ some other techniques to judge the abilities, but before employing a person, a good conversation is always necessary to have a basic idea about the person.


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    The acceptances or the rejections of any candidate in any interview process depend upon different criteria & in different phases. In today's world the third party is hired on behalf of the company for the selection of the candidates along with the background verification of the candidate in order to ensure that nothing remained hiding. Although it's true that it's never possible to judge the complete pros & cons of the candidate through screening but the focus remained on the major strength & weakness so as to fill the required profile by the candidate. The rejection of the candidate doesn't mean that the candidate is incompetent but may be because of some other reasons like the consistencies or the salary part or could be something else.

    The thread is appreciable of focusing on the most practical aspects of any interview process but the world is changing & although we evident of few of those but soon there will be more in the scene.

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