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    Returning After a Long Gap

    Sometimes, one need to take a long break from some favourite chores-may be for further studies, for joining new assignments or for job purpose. It becomes unavoidable due to reasons beyond one's control. When one tries to return to one's old assignment, it becomes quite embarrassing (even if it is one's favourite one). Everybody must have faced such situations in life at one time or another.
    The same thing happened to me as well. I had to take a long break (for over one year) from my favourite site-India Study Channel. Although I was not really away from it as I used to open it to have a quick look at the things going on over here and tried to learn and add value to my knowledge base. However, I could not be a contributor to the site due to my extreme time constraint.
    Now that I have returned to my old routine, I hope to be a regular contributor here and also learn many new things.
    Members, many of you also must have gone through similar situation. What were your feelings and how you missed something of your like? Will you please pen down.
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    Welcome back Nomita! You joined and disappeared before we could trace. I remember you as having been a valuable contributor (qualitatively); with a satisfactory hold on language and good ideas. Now that you have decided to be back on this site, be active and contribute to the best of your abilities. All the best!
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    Welcome back Nomita. It happens when we are busy in our lives we prioritise our works as you do and when now when are done with your works you have come back.

    It happens with all of us. Sometimes we get bored of the things so take a break which I normally do on sites but I find ISC a site where I log in daily and contribute even I am busy in other works that's because I like this site very much.


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    Welcome back. When you are contributing in a site or submitting your work there, then with the passage of time you have an affinity with that place which remains in your mind for a long time. It is this attachment which brings us back to it time and again however busy we might be in our other assignments.

    I remember quite some time back, I was contributing in one of the sites where questions and answers were exchanged between the members and for some time I was absent there and one day I received a computerised message that they were not seeing me in the site for a long time. It was something like - we are missing you here for a long time!

    I logged into the site made some formal comments and explained my absence and then left it. So even a machine generated message made me to think about it. Here in ISC you are getting welcome and messages in real time from real members. So how can one forget to come back here may be after a long gap depending upon one's priority.

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    It is nice you are back.It happens many times to many people due to various reasons. But when we get some time to goto our most loved site, we feel very happy for that. We welcome you back and hope you will continue your good work on the site for long time this time.
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    Welcome back Ms. Mitra. Just a few days earlier there was a thread here regarding the importance of a break. At times, the situation forces us to take a long break as in the case of yours.

    Doing something after a long time may cause uneasiness at the beginning because there is a deviation from the usual habit, but with little time you can always regain the form with which you performed something at the earlier instance.

    Likewise, you may be feeling little hesitant now after a long gap from ISC, but start contributing on a regular basis and keep a tab on the happenings in your favourite sections. I am sure you will be able to contribute more enthusiastically. Wish you all the best!


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    Welcome back, Ms. Nomita Mitra. At least some Members including me felt your absence. Start writing regularly and share your valuable experience with all of us.
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    Yeah Nomita, I too went through a similar phase. Three months after I had joined ISC, I took a break. It was after nine months did I login again into ISC. Even though I used to keep a track of all that happened during my absence, I nevertheless felt incomplete. It's when I started posting again that I could rid myself of that emptiness. Ever since then, I have been regular in contributing to ISC in one or the other form. Hope, with your second coming, you too would get to play a long innings and win many accolades here.
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