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    I got married without interview

    Yes, we got married without interviewing each other-myself and my wife.

    It may be very difficult to believe for the present day youth and teens. But most members of my generation will know it is a fact. Even in their case also it would have been same.

    It was the proverbial' We saw, and fell in love at the first sight itself. The next sight and meting was at marriage. To be frank, my elders were a bit progressive and asked me and my bride to be whether we want to talk to each other in private. But both of us did not intend to do that. Probably each of us wanted to keep everything private to be exchanged only after we became husband and wife and not wanted to conduct an interview then. We had strong faith in our elders who arranged and fixed the match.
    It is now more than a quarter century of our married life. God has been kind and bestowed on us all the essentials He felt necessary for us. I also seek all your best wishes and prayers for our well being as such for many more years to come.

    (TOW contest entry)
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    Yes in the good olden days the things were like that. Marriage was fixed by the elders and generally younger ones obeyed the decision. There was nothing like physical talks or WhatsApp chats. Still, most of those marriages were successful and there were few cases of resentments or disagreement.

    The author has nicely narrated it by giving his personal example and that is true in all other cases of that time.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes. During my childhood many marriages were happening without even consulting the boy and the girl. My father and mother married like that only. They never talked to each other before marriage. They are together even today after more than 60 years of marriage . My grand father was married at the age of 10 and then my grandmother was 8 years of age. They did not know what is marriage. They lived together happily for more than 70years. These are the two cases of success of arranged marriages. Those days there were no divorces. No love marriages also.
    The author has narrated his story itself very nicely and all my appreciations to the author. I wish you both will have many more years full of happiness with the kind blessings of the Almighty.

    always confident

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    We had an arranged marriage but I saw my wife and we takes to each other about our likings and disliking so it was just a brief interview for both of us. Its very rare these days that one is married with out having a word with his or her partner and if its done in this age then its sad because decision should be taken by the couple as they have to spend life together.

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