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    10 years of Life at ISC

    Want to know what it feels like when completing 10 years being associated with IndiaStudyChannel website? Wondering whether one can continue even further beyond? Check this thank you thread to know more about celebrating 10 years association with an online organisation like ISC.

    I was waiting in anticipation for this fast approaching day. 10 years back, I was eagerly looking for a good website to connect with. Especially after it had been 6 months (May 2008) that I left my YahooGroup and I was desperate to have an online life.

    And the journey has been so long! I became a forum moderator, bagged my first few awards by taking part in contests, and my AdSense ID also gave some lovely goosebumps. Then Tony sir took me through being a moderator for other sections in ISC.

    10 years at isc

    I am very fortunate to have been a part of the Spider websites. Many of the recent members may not be aware of them. But I got the opportunity to work with MumbaiSpider, MaharashtraSpider and a few other webs :). Tony sir also gave me an opportunity to work on FreeHealthChannel.

    And then back to IndiaStudyChannel, I got to be a part of the editors' group, which I still am. Working on copyrights, DMCAs, many of those crazy projects and then to create and lead a team for Content Development. All of these are "WoW" long-term projects which lasted for 2 to 3 years.

    I am really proud of my content development team who has worked with me to revamp the courses section, universities and study abroad sections.

    The colleges' section is my virtual home in ISC.

    At the same time, my real life also moved a lot! When I started with ISC, I had taken admission to my MD course. I completed that course by 2011, then moved to Pune, to begin with, medical practice. 2012, went abroad, then back to India in 2015 and now again out of India in 2018! Life rocks!

    Well, thank you ISC, thank you Tony sir, Vandana and all of the team for having me as a part of the ISC family from 10 years and hopefully, for the years ahead...
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    10 years, wow! And your graph, superbly big W-O-W!! You've been definitely an excellent point of inspiration for many. You know, I always wonder how great is that we are associated with the site, with the team for such a long time with the very same affection. ISC is even way better successful than any other leading social media sites (FB, Twitter, etc.), in terms of long term association. FB becomes boring after a while!! But ISC never does, and that's really amazing!
    Congratulations doc. If ISC were not there, maybe we would never been in touch in the lifelong. Hope to meet many ISC-ians someday, maybe in an ISC-ian's meet!

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    Many congratulations Doc! Ten years is a very long period and the way you have been moving ahead is quite inspiring. I admire your positivity; the way you have been guiding newbies, the way you shared your technical knowledge and of all, for all the free medical bits of advice. Carry on Doc and all the best!
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    It's great to know your association with the site for 10 years. Congrats.

    I appreciate because it's difficult to remain consistent on any site for such a long period as people get bored from it. I had been on many sites before I joined ISC and left them because either they stopped paying or I got bore of them.


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    A nice sketch of your journey in ISC which is not only interesting but also motivating.

    Doctors are profession wise busy people but you are able to take out time for your online passion is a remarkable thing. Your involvement in ISC in particular and spider network in general deserves appreciation.

    The details about senior and experienced members is a matter of great encouragement and inspiration for other members especially the new ones.

    It is good that you have posted this milestone for the information purpose in the forum section though it is beneficial to all of us in one way or other.

    All the best and I wish you to keep yourself associated with this knowledge and educational site for the next milestone of completing 20 years.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Ten years time is a long association and it is really a great achievement to sustain one's interest in a site for such a long time. It requires continuous interest and persistence of purpose to devote so much time.

    Your long journey in ISC with so many tasks in hand is a bench mark for many members like me and I hope that many members will be following your foot prints.

    As other members have also pointed out, there are not many doctors active in online sites except some of them active in professional health or medical sites. So your presence in this educational site for such a long period is itself a special one.

    So I wish you all the best in coming times in ISC and hope that you keep up your valuable contributions as usual here.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is nice to hear that you have spent ten years of quality time on this great site ISC. You have learned a lot, taught a lot from and to this site. I appreciate your contributions on this site. I wish you should continue many more years in a fruitful way on this site. All the best to you.
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    Dr Apurva, 10 years of your association with ISC is a long journey, your commitment and contributions are appreciated. I am lucky to be in the content development team under your leadership. I have been associated with CTD team for the last 4 years and hope to continue for many more years. Wishing you all the best!!.

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    Sir, my congratulations to you for being here in ISC for the past 10 years. It's a long journey where you contributed enthusiastically despite your busy schedule. Your consistency and valuable contribution helped you to lead a big team and it's an inspiration for everyone especially, the new members. Thanks for sharing in brief about the journey you started 10 years ago and wish you should continue in ISC for many more years with the same dedication and enthusiasm. Keep up the good work, and I wish you all the best!

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    Marvellous. That is what I can say after reading this testimony thread.

    Your graph was consistently rising. Even with a hectic personal life, you had consistently been with ISC. That is something great.
    And many of us keep you in good esteem for the way you contributed in ISC.

    I salute you for a decade of consistent association with ISC.

    My greetings and best wishes to you on that occasion.

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    An impressive journey from you Dr. Apurva at ISC. 10 years association with the consistent contribution is a great achievement I would reckon. Many of us need to learn from you on how to be an active contributor. I wish you for more successful years at ISC.

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