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    "The blind leading the blind"

    Imagine what happens when an incompetent person leads incompetent people at work. This is the case at my workplace too where my boss has created a separate team to increase productivity as we are facing some problems at workplace these days.

    Before that I may describe about my boss who is not very competent and just believe in shouting on the subordinates. He is such a person who doesn't have his own plans, he just listens to the others and act if the ideas are right or weong. The problem is that he has made a team which also don't know much about it. In such case what will they do I wonder. They are just wasting theirs and company's time.

    It happens every where when incompetent people are given the charge.
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    In any organisation all the people are not equally competent. Some may be excellent while some are mediocre and even a few of them will be dullards. Boss can be anything out of these categories but for the sake of discussion let us put him in the mediocre category.

    Now boss has to get the things done in a stipulated time and for that he will be banging everyone to work with optimum efficiency. As we have mentioned above, as all are not equal in their capabilities their deliverance will vary and boss will see it very clearly as it is in fact his only job sitting there and watching everyone.

    Boss will also notice that there are some people who are cooperative and obedient but there are some who are very good in work but are not so cordial and discuss everything before agreeing and create a type of hindrance in the work. Every boss wants outstanding employees with blind obedience which is not possible in the work place as mutual differences and office politics will divide people in groups. In such a situation boss will also form a group and go ahead but he will be uncomfortable with those good people who are not so cooperative with him and those who also know about him that he is not as competent.

    The feelings expressed by you in the thread are the outcome of this typical situation in work places. It is everywhere and when one day when a subordinates turns into a boss he will understand this fully.

    Knowledge is power.

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    An incompetent person will always try to show some thing or other as the reason for their failure or delay. Generally companies never encourage such people. An incompetent boss may be good in identifying good people who can assist him. So he will try to take such people only under him so that his success will continue. He never tries to show his lack of knowledge either before his assistants or seniors. If he knows that the chances of getting success in a particular project is very less, he will try to see that people who are incompetent will be grouped there for execution and he can show them as responsible for the failure.
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