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    'Use and throw' or 'maintain and use'?

    In our house we have a large inventory of household items, gadgets, old furniture, old things not working properly etc. We may like to replace them especially during festival times so that house bears a new look.

    We are in an age of consumerism and companies are happily spreading the message 'Use and throw' and they also welcome our attitude of throwing the old and not-working items and bring the new ones which are dazzling in their showrooms and shop windows. They are extending schemes for special discounts and replacement discounts or free coupons and many other lucrative propositions.

    If we see minutely there are so many things in the house which can be repaired or got repaired with little efforts and are as good as new except the outer look and shining. They will work for quite some time and when they have given a good service and are in a bad condition then only they are to be discarded. Another thing is many times we have the items in the house but due to change in the fashion or designs we discard them and bring the new ones. This is also a thing which increases the availability of duplicate items in the house.

    So some people believe in use and throw and do not bother for repairs or limiting the duplicate items in the house. However there are some who get the things repaired, use them optimally and discard only after considerable period.

    What do you think? Do you believe in 'Use and throw' or 'Maintain and use'?
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    Use and throw is one option. Maintain and use is another option. We have to use option one in some cases and the other option in other cases. If a refill of a pen costs 5 rupees and a new pen is available for the same price, I will prefer use and throw. If refill costs one rupee and a new pen costs 5 rupees I will use and maintain as long as possible.
    The concept of use and throw evolved due to availability of certain products at very cheap prices. Slowly this concept extended to many electronic items also as their durability has become long . Another reason for this concept is new models release in to the market. The craze for these products in the society is added fuel to the fire. If we have TV which is running from last 4 years without any problem the younger generation in the family will be waiting for a chance. Any small problem will also be highlighted and try their maximum to get a new TV in some exchange programme. This is how use and throw concept is getting more popularity. But l feel use and maintain is the best policy at least in case of high cost products.

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    Many youngsters mocking elders when they store the items for youngsters as they are unnecessarily doing such things. Later,some of them also disposing them once they depart. But they will realise their such action only when the require or when they reach to certain age.

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    I believe in maintain and use. Why should I waste money when I know my household appliances can be repaired and can be used further. This is strange people throw the things even it requires minute repair.

    Companies fix exchange offers just to increase their sale but the fact is they also know the mentality of people that they will be attracted by the schemes of discounts and will purchase their products.

    Machine is a machine and it has no age and we can extend their life by repairing them.


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    We were all following the practice of 'Use,maintain, reuse and recycle'. This practice got changed since the nineties in our country. It was since then that we opened our country to foreign traders to freely operate. The free and uncontrolled entry of Chinese goods to our market started the 'use and throw' practice.
    Chinese goods came in such low cost that maintainin or repairing it was more costly than acquiring a new one. That was precisely what the smart multinational/foreign big business wanted. The products came in innumerable varieties. One model will be available only for a short time since their launch. The spare parts will not be available. The manufacturers themselves will not make spare parts, and no others will make it because the models wll ot be durable for much time and will vanish.

    There was no concept of standard design. Earlier a product, even though manufactured by different manufacturers will have a standard and universal design and structure. So the spare parts were also available any time, anywhere. The er were sufficient service providers who gave the repair and maintenance.

    Now many manufacturers are fly-by-night . Though they promise warranty and guarantee, that is all for short time and even the company will not remain so for much. They may close shop, or undergo mergers and acquisitions and discontinue all their previous activities and promises.
    The use and throw culture has pervaded our life so much so that the same is reflected in our inter-personal relationships also. I think it is obvious to anyone now.

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    Whenever we purchase new things, we need to maintain them properly so that it can last long. For example, we colour our house after certain interval to give it a fresh look as well as to maintain it properly. Same is the case with furniture. Now, cost and time are very important factors nowadays. While you cannot throw your house if that needs a little repair, you can do so with electronics items that do not cost much.

    Design of items also play a role here. If something is of unique design which is very difficult to find, then people will always try to repair them if that doesn't cost a fortune. Different companies are providing exchange offers at a very affordable cost and since nowadays people have less time they are preferring the 'use and throw' concept.

    For repairing any gadget or household item, it takes a little time and you have to look for a genuine repairer who will give you value for money. In their busy schedule nowadays, many people prefer the option that requires less time so it's easier for them to go for 'use and throw' method if they find it affordable. But for every item, 'maintain and use' is a must for the longevity of a product.


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