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    Jokes of the day to relax,please

    One:(to another on seeing him fighting with his wife)Dear keep everything between four walls.
    Another:So,I cannot have any way to escape. Is it not?
    One:(to a sweet shopwallah)Sir,last year Deep avaliable sweets of your shop was of supertaste.
    Shopwalla:We have the same sweets this year also,how much I can pack?
    Guest:How do you identified that your new son in law is a deaf?
    Other:On the day of Deepavali, he told why this year nobody fire crackers (amidst huge cracker sound)
    Wife:I did halwas by myself but little bit hard. Taste it and tell me how is it.
    Husband:Taste is super but tell this as mysoorpa
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    Good jokes. Good to read and laugh. Jokes are good for relaxation and fun. Thanks to the author for presenting good jokes.
    always confident

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