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    Kundu-babu continued working even after retirement (Part-II)

    (Continued from Part-I)

    The on-duty Station Master attended the phone. Suddenly his face became colourless. Just retired Kundu-babu was astonished. He asked what had happened. The Station Master, in a trembling voice, informed him that a very fast Express Train which had crossed Kundu-babu's station only 20 minutes before, got derailed after another two stations. Some people died, three-four compartments were badly damaged. But the major problem was that the compartments were lying on the track in such a manner that the train movement on that route connecting West Bengal and Bihar (now Jharkhand) would be stopped till those compartments were removed from the track. The Station Master was very tensed.

    Kundu-babu immediately forgot that he had just retired. He sprang like a tiger and started giving rapid direction to the linemen, pointsmen and the gateman regarding controlling subsequent train movement and manning the level-crossing gate. He immediately issued the direction to the goods clerk and ticket clerk to stop goods booking on that route. At the same time, he continuously answered Traffic Controller-Rampurhat, Traffic Controller-Barddhman, Traffic Controller-Pakur, Senior DOM of Howrah Division and many other senior officers. Time started flying. And Kundu-babu's wife continued waiting in their residence with the delicious dinner for her just-retired husband.

    After much confusion, cancellation of good trains and passenger trains and stopping the movement of many other trains on that route in different stations, the first ART arrived from Barddhaman at midnight. The on-duty Station Master had never faced such a crisis situation in his working life and he had a nervous breakdown. But frankly speaking, nobody bothered. Kundu-babu was handling the situation like an experienced General on the battlefield. All other staff of the station rose to the occasion. Even the Station Masters of other stations of the route were working taking guidance from Kundu-babu. Other senior officers of Howrah Division and Eastern Railway HQ were immensely relieved that Kundu-babu was handling the crisis situation. Even the off-duty Station Masters and staff immediately came to the Station to manage the complicated movement in the single line which was almost stopped due to the accident. Like Kundu-babu, everyone else forgot that Kundu-babu had retired.

    Kundu-babu himself controlled the exceptionally complicated movement of the ART. The ART reached the accident site, took the injured passengers and returned. Thereafter, one after another goods train started arriving carrying engineering equipment to cut open the derailed compartments. Kundu-babu personally took the charge of the movement of those trains carrying important equipment (and senior officers) and also of their return. He forgot to take food and managed with cups of tea.

    This routine continued for 72 hours. After 72 hours working at a stretch without proper food, Kundu-babu finally felt that the situation was under complete control. Normal train movement resumed on that route.

    Exactly 72 hours after retirement, Kundu-babu, completely exhausted but fully satisfied, returned to his Railway-provided accommodation. He had successfully performed his most strenuous Railway duty after his retirement. But he again failed to take his wife to the place which they had planned to visit the next day after his retirement.


    [P.S.: Only two days ago, when the Members of ISC were discussing the leave which the Government employees enjoy, I suddenly remembered Kundu-babu. I also remembered his perpetually-complaining wife, who, in actuality, was immensely proud of her husband. Unfortunately, we never talk about these Government employees and also their family members who suffer, complain but always support the Government employees during the hours of crisis.]
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    My guess about Kundu-Babu's extension after retirement, in Part 1, was wrong and the story turned out in a different way. He is such a dedicated worker that he forgot about his retirement in a crisis situation and worked tirelessly for 3 days without proper food.

    There might be many others like Kundu-Babu, who are fully dedicated to their jobs in different government sectors and they do not bother for any extra remuneration or fame. They just love their work and do it without any complain.

    There are many government departments where leaves are cancelled during crisis situations like this and there are emergency departments too where people work round the clock. These people are known to their families and few close relatives for their dedication, for the rest, they have no idea about the sufferings their families go through.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    The suspense in the Part-1 was vey well created as that is revealed only after reading this part.

    The reflex action and spontaneous approach of a hard working person to the problem at hand is nicely depicted in this piece of the thread and has showcased that even in Govt sector there are people like Kundu-babu who forget everything in life when it is a call of duty.

    Today when we say that the country has deteriorated as corruption and dishonesty in work places is hampering our development, the example of people like Kundu-babu are really very encouraging and motivating and we must learn things from such great workers. Instead of blaming others if people simply follow such dedicated people, we will soon be in a better environment.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes. There are people in government jobs also who work hard for the organisation forgetting their families and personal interests. But the major problem there is such people will never be rewarded correctly
    As Kundan Babu was able to manage the show very aptly nobody questioned. A single wrong action from him might have generated a lot of voices against him and he might have gone into troubles. That is why I think many government employees will never take any such risks. I know many employees of the government who will be very careful before the retirement as it may cause many problems to them in getting their amounts at the time of retirements and their pension settlement will also become a problem.
    We all should appreciate Kundan Babu and I hope the railway department might have been honoured him well. A good narration by the author. The suspense raised in the first part is now over.

    always confident

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    As usual, I enjoyed reading your stories. To be frank, I didn't read Part 1, I waited for all the parts to come so as to read it completely. I hate to wait for the climax. It was worth the wait to read the entire story in one go.

    Kudos to you Mr. Partha! I always wonder how do you get to say so many such wonderful stories?

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    Personality like Kundu Babu are available in the society but fewer in number. These personalities are never suitably rewarded for their selfless service even though they get a lot of praise and appreciation for the brilliant performance discharged in the crucial hours. Senior officials join in the company of Kundu - Babu type people to get issues resolved in a favourable ways.
    However, the other side of this story is that such involvement of Kundu Babu could prove costly in the event of failure of his duty due to lack of communication or otherwise .
    A retired person is not supposed to enter the working premises giving direction to the connected officials to follow the instructions being passed by him. It is altogether a different issue that no ugly situation developed necessitating a legal course of action against him.

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    Thanks to the Members for reading the posts.

    Ms. Neethu: When this true incident happened, I was working in a nearby branch station. I used to get the updates of relief operations in every ten minutes. People like Kundu-babu are always there in Government Service, but their work, their sacrifice, is always considered normal and nothing spectacular. Nobody bothers about the pain and sacrifice of the family members of the Government employees.

    But Tthe newspaper always reports that the Government would have to spend this much crore of rupees to pay 1% or 2% DA increase to the Government employees.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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