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    Departmental action against five PTV crews for mentioning truth

    Nowadays Pakistani Uzir-e-Azm Imran Khan is on official tour at Beijing for seeking aid. The PTV was telecasting a speech of Imran Khan in Beijing. Five PTV staff decided to mention the truth. In place of location tag, they wrote 'BEGGING' instead of 'Beijing'. Further, these five staff used a red arrow to point at this word. This red arrow attracted the attention of viewers to this word.

    Angry and embarrassed Huqmat-e-Pakistan has started taking departmental action against these five employees of PTV. Two PTV staff have been taken off immediately. Pakistan Media Watch has reported this incident.

    Feeling sorry for those five PTV crews who are suffering for indicating the truth.
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    Very strange. Normally such things do not take place in such high level telecast related to dignitaries. Was it seen on PTV by the people or this is a clip being circulated in the media like WhatsApp?

    Now a days people are modifying the videos and images and then posting them in the media. These modified videos are becoming viral in no time as they contain altered material in interesting forms.

    Anyway if it is genuine then it is very courageous on the part of these PTV employees.

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    That's very strange. Why PTV highlighted the same? It's very obvious that PM will get angry after this incident. Also the same happened when he was on China tour. That's really strange and embarrassing too.

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    It's genuine. I have seen the PTV news video, where the location indicated 'Begging' while Imran Khan was delivering a lecture.
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    The following link may help:-

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    It is strange. How PTV has taken action on 5 of their crew when they have pointed out the truth. Is it because their fault is highlighted. If they have not pointed out, nobody might have noticed and PM might have not known about this. Because of their action, I think PTV got enough from higher authorities and politicians. That is why higher authorities of PTV might have taken this action. But it is not correct. They might have corrected their mistake and shown a sorry message on the TV itself. Anyhow it is bad that somebody was punished as they have pointed out the fault.
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    There is nothing unusual in this. This happens in our country also. During August this year, some journalists of ABP News Channel were shunted out for criticizing the Prime Minister. We don't know at whose behest it happened. The channel was also deliberately blocked during a particular programme called "Master Stroke". Truth is very hard to digest.
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    Just now I have thought of another possibility. The PTV crews may have spelt 'Beijing' as 'Begging'. Everything is possible in that country.
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    I have seen the link mentioned in one of the replies of the author and found according to them it's a typographical error. Now, when the premier of a state is on a foreign tour and the state-owned television, PTV, shows the speech of the premier with such typographical error then it's deplorable.

    They have to investigate to find out the real reason behind the mistake. From this thread, I understood that the crews were punished before any proper investigation, which is regrettable. From different news reports we can understand that the condition of Pakistan is not good at all in different fronts which is going on for years. We do not know what other actions they are going to take against the PTV crews.


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    Now the beggars have another setback. INS Arihant, the nuclear submarine, has successfully completed its deterrence patrol. India now possesses nuclear triad.
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