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    What is the use of NOTA?

    These days there is an option to the voter to exercise NOTA in the election. This can be used by a voter if he is not ready to give his vote to any of the contesting candidates in his constituency. Already in previous elections also some people voted for NOTA. But the percentage was very very small and negligible.
    But in case if the NOTA wins the elections, are they going to reconduct the elections. But the answer is "NO". The candidate who got the next highest votes will be declared as the winner. For example, in a particular constituency if NOTA got 50% of votes and then one candidate got 30% and another candidate got 20% of votes the election commission will declare the candidate who got 30% votes as the winner. If this is what rule says how useful the NOTA is. I fail to understand?
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    NOTA as such has no benefit but it helps to make the official understand that people didn't like the nominated candidates. Also it reduces the chances of casting of bogus votes which are done in every elections.

    When someone doesn't like any party then can opt the option of NOTA and show their consent.


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    There was a GD on this issue and many Members participated it. The NOTA requires further modification like if the NOTA voters are maximum, the election of that constituency must be canceled. Only with such effective modifications, NOTA will have more teeth and the electorates would get better candidates for selection/election.
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    I don't think NOTA will score more votes than a candidate posted by a recognised political party.
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    Please give the link properly so that we can go through the old thread again. The link is not opening.
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    Thank you Partha. I stand corrected.
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    NOTA is only an option to the voter to show his unhappiness over the candidates in fray expressing that they do not deserve the contest. If more people do it then it is a serious matter and something has to be done to meet that unprecedented situation.

    Another interesting observation is that NOTA motivates and encourages even those people to go to the election booths who do not like the candidates in the area. So indirectly it is a tool to increase the turnaround of voters in our country which at present is poorly represented if we see the ratio of people voting versus the eligible voters.

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    In a democratic set up every citizen has a vote. It is his/her right. Candidates approach each voter and try to convince the voter about his/ her stand. Here in our setup almost all candidates are representing a political party. Independent candidates also may be there.
    When a person, a voter, goes through the list of candidates find that none of the candidates is worthy of getting selected. However, he/she has a vote and it is his/her right to vote. Then this NOTA become helpful.
    If NOTA gets more votes than other candidates, the candidate who is just next to NOTA will be declared as elected. Hence NOTA is just to satisfy a voter who insist on voting when no candidate is preferred by that voter. In a democratic set up voting is a very important and prime right of every citizen.


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    Democratic setup is not very successful in all the countries which practices it. NOTA is an addition to one more useless option. Who is going to do what by understanding people are not happy with any of the candidates. It's just a matter of talk during the election time. And moreover as Mr.Saji said even I don't think NOTA will get majority of votes in any election.

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