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    Why every voter has to use his voting power?

    People say that one should exercise his voting power if he has the same. Any individual irrespective of his caste, creed, religion, educational qualification, social status etc., will be eligible to vote once the 18th year is completed.
    But many of the voters will not go to polling booths to cast their votes. They feel one vote will not be going to create any difference. But sometimes the one vote may become crucial. By voting, we are working towards a change. Your MLA will change. your MP will change, your governemnt may change. Every vote will have an impact. There are instances where candidates won with 1 vote majority. It is a medium to express our likings. It is not only a right but also a responsibility. So it is very important to cast our vote without fail.
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    It is correct and we should use the voting right cautiously. If few people think in the same way then differences in the result may be reflected. There is a tendency among certain people who are less interested in voting. I do not blame them. It's because of the political situation in our country that make them feel like this.

    The rise in unemployment, rise in prices of essential commodities on a regular basis and corrupt practices of politicians of successive governments are one of the reasons for this choice. There is a tendency among these people to think that nothing is going to change if another political party comes to power. Though their number are less, but if this trend of corrupt practices in different government levels continue then those numbers may rise.

    Awareness is required among different sections in the society regarding the voting rights and how effectively one can exercise her/his right.


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    That's right we should use our right to vote. It happens sometime the party loses by just one vote. Our vote decides the fate of the leaders. It allows the change of the government. If we feel the present government is not performing then our votes can change it.

    For the past several years, India has been struggling with corruption, unsure economy. Elections here have been ineffective and the governments who have not done any good came in to the power. Not casting one's vote won't do good but will only worsen the condition.

    So it is our responsibity as a citizen of India to caste our vote to choose the best candidate among the politician standing in elections.


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    In a democracy people should exercise their right of voting. Unfortunately due to bad experiences with the previous Govts some people lose interest in voting and feel that there is not going to be any difference whether they vote or not. This is bringing down the voters percentage especially in urban areas.

    If people do not vote then the proper representative will not reach the top position in the country and we will be deprived of a good governance. So I feel that we should vote and exercise our option for a good candidate irrespective of the party or affiliated group.

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    It is very interesting to note that some people are at all not interested in voting. They feel it as a wastage of time. They are not interested in any party to come as a Govt as they feel that these politicians are all same and they are going for elections for their vested interest rather than serve the country and do some developmental work.

    With this mindset no one will go for voting. Now another aspect is if people do not vote we can not choose a Govt and in that case sone alternative form of Govt is required.

    In many countries many experiments were done by adopting different type of systems like communism or dictatorship but those systems had bigger problems than that of democratic system.

    In essence exercising our right to elect a good Govt should be our motto and we should not shirk away from voting.

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    From the statistical point of view, we can say that in the multi-party democratic system which exists in India, a voter may not get the full value of his/her vote. If we switch to the Presidential system of democracy or bi-party or tri-party system, the voters' vote will be much more significant.

    We immediately need a movement to shift to the Presidential system of democracy. If not possible, bi-party or tri-party system will do.

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    If one is residing within a democratic country and is a citizen there, no doubt he has to use his power of voting. In the democratic set up people are the king. They are deciding who should rule the country. Every vote become valuable in such a set up. If one has not used his franchise rightly it will be reflected in the election result.
    Further, if one has not cast his vote how can he demand for anything from the democratically elected Government. Even if the Government do not belong to the party to which he has voted, he can approach the Member- since he has used his voting right. Otherwise one will feel shy to meet the Member-. Above all a democratic set up become successful if only every citizen use his right to select a suitable Government.


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