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    Do you find yourself uncomfortable with the changing circumstances?

    Imagine that in the present context in which we have stayed a bit long & therefore well aware of the traditions & culture of the floor but do you feel that you would feel uneasiness when asked to get shifted to some localities or would have to adjust with a different atmosphere? May be that it's a matter of perception within each one of us but few may agree with me onto this. In a different way, this can be compared with the situation which is quite familiar to us to the situation which is in a way unfamiliar to us.

    Hoping that it's not a drawback for any personality but a natural course for any of us.
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    We may feel uncomfortable for sometimes with changes but we should get adjusted to the changes. Changes are inevitable. Nothing is static in this world. The habits will change. The environment will change. Age will change. Level of maturity of mind will change. So we have to get adjusted with the changes.
    Many government employees will keep on getting transferred from place to place. They can't avoid this. Many of the private industry employees will also be changing their jobs for a better career and then their place of living will change and place of work will also change. A student has to go to school, then college and after that to university. These are all required. Initially, we may be a little bit inconvenient but slowly as the time goes we will get adjusted. These days we are required to be adjusted to the changing needs, surroundings and society which is very necessary for our progress.

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    Most of the people find it tough to adapt with the changes. I myself have changed approximately 7 jobs in a span of 20 years and I was very uncomfortable on the new jobs but with the time I adjusted myself gradually and thats what the only option I had. But its true people find them uneasy when they have to cope up with the changes. It's not that it happens with employees even when we shift our homes then too we compare our new home with the old one. It takes time to know and get friendly with the neighbors and sometimes we don't get good neighbors like we had at our old home. In that case it becomes difficult to adjust but that's for short period of time and we get adjusted gradually with the time.

    Its human nature that we resist changes but we forget changes are inevitable and those adjust in short time with the changes are the winners in life.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    It takes time to get accustomed to new environment and that's why at the beginning people may find it little uncomfortable, but with time we all get habituated to deal with the changes and we settle down. Changes are a part of our life and even in the same environment the situation may change.

    For example, in the neighbourhood if few of the nighbours who are good friends, relocate, then at the beginning there may be emptiness and it may continue for a certain period. After some more time people will be habituated with the changes and will embrace new things. This is the rule and this is how life works. Though it depends on people's adaptability, but if someone is unable to adapt to the changes she/he becomes the sufferer.


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    When the fact is that even a change in our daily routine can make us feel uncomfortable, I think it is quite natural to feel uncomfortable when there is a change in the circumstances of our life. But as has been said in most of the responses above, changes are inevitable and we tend to accept and adapt to such changes over a period of time. Having said that, there are people who find it difficult to adapt themselves to new circumstances and they take the first available opportunity to return to a space in which they are comfortable. But, to be happy and to succeed in life, one needs to make compromises and adjust to new surroundings. That is the way in which life can move on smoothly.
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