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    How are you enjoying this Diwali?

    There is a Supreme Court guideline about using firecrackers, there are more restrictions and people are talking about 'Green Crackers'. This time, in my locality, I can see fewer fireworks and very less chocolate bombs that were notorious for making loud noises. We have seen forum posts in ISC regarding the guidelines and people's opinion about banning firecrackers. Many firecrackers are failing the test of approval and hence banned.

    In this huge country, it is difficult to implement strict laws within very less time and there are vendors who are selling banned crackers too. There are allegations of nexus between illegal vendors and policemen for which many illegal trades continue. The situation is similar at many locations. There are complaints of police inaction too.

    Now, people have the habit of celebrating Diwali with lots of fireworks and it is hard to get rid of this habit. Children are also upset because of these restrictions. So, in this situation, are you using only the approved crackers or looking for those which failed the approval test just because you have the habit of enjoying with those crackers more?
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    Dhan Teras and Dewli will be celebrated with devotion, prayer and a show of light. We light the home and the terrace. Artificial rangolis will be used. On the day of Dewali, I will definitely burst some crackers and use some 'baaji' which give resplendent lights/illumination.
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    Yes it will be difficult for cracker lovers this time. I don't burst cracker as I understood how harmful it is, in childhood itself. But my kids are not going to understand it. They are frustrated as we are not getting any shop nearby from where we can buy crackers for them.

    This is hard time for them but thats okay as that's how we can have a control over the situation in Delhi. Also its not essential that we have to burst crackers for Diwali celebrations. There are other ways too like lighting candles, diyas, making rangoli, even go out watch a movie or shopping or even can visit to relatives.


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    This is the first Diwali for our family after the birth of my grand daughter. So this year all festivals are special to us. Of course, we are not going to fire many firecrackers. We want to have a series of diyas, electric series bulbs and candles. All around our house we will arrange all these items. We will not allow her outside between 8-10PM, many crackers may be fired during that period. Heavy sounds and heavy fumes are not good for this tender aged baby. We will make some special sweets in the house and distribute to our neighbours. We have invited my brother and his family from Bangalore. If they come we will have more fun with my brother's daughter who is around 7 years old. We have already purchased new clothes to my grand daughter and we want to spend full day with her without going out anywhere.
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    I do not like firecrackers and other pomp and show during Diwali so for me there is nothing much to be involved except one good thing which I learned from this great festival and that is orderliness and cleanliness.

    This is the great time to keep you things in order in the house and discard old useless items and give it to some waste paper boy. Since my childhood, I saw my parents cleaning the house, arranging things, keeping them in order and discarding the unnecessary items which are crowding the cupboards and attic.

    Somehow I have picked that habit and continuing with the pleasure and satisfaction of keeping the household things in order and categorised. Diwali is a great time for me to get motivated to make my house in order as far as possible. Though we should do that throughout the year but somehow laziness takes over and we do not do that in time and wait for this time of the year when everyone is doing that as a habit.

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