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    Do you believe in buying Gold on Dhanteras for Good Luck and money?

    It has been a trend in my family to buy something related to Gold or Silver on the ocassion of Dhanteras. If these things are too costly, then buy utensils, which are a symbol of Laxmi Devi, goddess of money and good luck. I happen to be very religious, but things have changed for me in few years and I do it, just to make my parents happy who are very much into this belief.
    So, I always make sure, I buy any worthy utensil for her, just to keep this belief and also a happy happy feeling at home.
    How many of you buy Gold, Silver or any utensil to celebrate or magnify the feeling of this festival.
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    Buying silver or gold or utensils on the occasion of Diwali is as per one's belief or family traditions. The shopkeepers await for these days anxiously as there are bumper sales during this time. Worldwide, these belief exist in one form or other but no one knows their basis and many people on rational and logical grounds simply discard them.

    So, I personally do not believe in purchasing such precious items on this particular day but if family members insist I do not ignore them. Sometimes some people are involved in these indulgences because all the neighbours, friends and relatives are doing it and just to keep a face among them they copy these things whether they have real faith and belief or not. Strange are the ways of human nature and we all are going by that.

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    As far as we are concerned we never had the habit purchasing of gold or silver or any other item specifically because of Dhanteras. At the same time if anything is required we will purchase. There is no restriction on purchases. In Andhra Pradesh this Dhanteras is not very famous in olden days. Recently only it is spreading. Oneday before Diwali we celebrate Narakachaturdasi. This day is believed to be the day on which Lord Krishna with his spouse Satyabhama killed Narakasura. On this day people will wear new clothes. Sweets and special dishes will be made. Headbath will be had on this day only. On Diwali day we will perform Lakshmi puja and then fire the crackers. These are the activities of these two days.
    After completing the Lakshmi puja new account's books will be started by business people. But these days many people are going for purchase of gold,silver or some other items on the occasion of this festival.

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    We don't buy gold or silver on dhanteras but buy utensils as it is a belief that we should buy them on this day. Last year we bought microwave as we needed it. This time as there was nothing as such we require so my wife bought dozens of small bowls and spoons.

    Its very difficult to buy even the utensils as the shops are overcrowded as most of the people have the same belief. Gold is very expensive so didn't buy it. Also there is a tradition of buying a silver coin on the occasion of diwali and with this coin we worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess laxmi on Diwali. Its been a tradition for so long and we have been following it.


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    Well, I am not fond of beliefs. I try to know things, the logic, behind any hype or rituals. I am from West Bengal and during my childhood I never heard of Dhanteras. It's only during the past few years, maybe around 10 years or so, that it has become popular here in West Bengal.

    Yesterday, I was listening to an interview of an owner of a renowned utensil shop in Kolkata, where she was telling that earlier Bengalis' never visited their shops to purchase utensils on Dhanteras, but nowadays there is a craze among them to crowd the shops on the occasion of Dhanteras.

    I admit that I do not know about Dhanteras much and do not follow any craze related to certain beliefs, hence do not purchase anything to mark this day until some necessary items are required.


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    It is customary in our society and culture to observe this festival in a particular way and since our childhood we have seen our family and relatives celebrating in this particular fashion so we are also enjoying it same way. Only thing is there is no point in purchasing items beyond our means. We have to be contended with what we have and what we can afford.

    It is foolish to copy others and follow their purchasing spree. In fact we should purchase any item only when we need it otherwise it is going to create clutter in the house and only add in the negativity in house.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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