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    Is it necessary to go for pomp and show during festival time?

    Festivals are a time to enjoy ourselves with our friends, relatives and neighbours. Those who are religious minded visit the temples and pray to the God on these auspicious occasions for well being and prosperity.

    The commercialisation and consumerism has changed the way the people were observing the festivals. People are giving more emphasis on decorations, lighting, costly dresses and other indulgences during the festival time rather then simple socialising and enjoying. Those who can afford are making new bench marks for the gullible people to follow. Pomp and show has become the order of the day.

    Do you believe in these show offs and unnecessary showing off of money power during festivals? Is such extravagancy required? What do the members feel about this?
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    I never believed in show offs. I let people do what they want and I do what I want. My wife sometimes complains me that why I don't go with the public but I make her understand that why should we follow the people and what the benefit of spending money of useless things.

    Its not good at all that people spend money on useless things but don't want to spend on the namr of charity to pops who don't have sufficient money to celebrate festivals. It's really sad.


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    Pomp and show off are not required for celebrating the festivals. But these days people want to show others that they are rich. Because of this desire, only all the show-offs are taking place. In earlier days people used to understand the purpose of the festival and accordingly they used to celebrate the festival. They were doing the celebrations as per their capacity and interest. There were no unnecessary expenditures those days.
    But now many people are having money with them. They want to spend and enjoy. There is no concept of savings. Whatever they can earn they are ready to spend. Added to this people are getting loans for all high-value purchases like cars, houses and lands. With all these changes people want to show the other people their status. That is why all these show-offs are taking place.

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