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    To make your children capable of honesty is the beginning of education

    Today when everything is being manipulated what we need is honesty in people. Honesty cannot be created in people in a day. Its a gradual process we need to grow up our kids teaching them to be honest in every situation. Sometimes in life we get biased and think of our profit which is wrong we have to be honest and think equally about others too with ourself.

    Long way back I forgot my wallet in an auto rickshaw which had my voter Id card in it. This auto rickshaw driver called me up and returned back my wallet but there are very few people who do that.

    We need to teach our kids at a very small age so that they understand the inportance of honesty as honest people are liked by everyone and are trusted by all.
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    I will say that people should be honest before starting to teach the children about honesty. First, the elders and the parents should be honest. Then only the Kids will understand the importance of honesty. If the parents themselves are not honest how they can teach honesty. This should start from our house. We should be honest to the core. Then the children with us will also automatically become honest. Every day in the morning as soon as I get up I go and see my pooja room and offer my salutations to God. Then only I will start even talking to other people. From me, my sons started practising it and from them, it will go their children. The same is the case with honesty also. Once they start understanding the importance of honesty, they will not deviate from it.
    Once I left 5000 rupees in my shirt and gave it to our servant maid for washing. While washing she had seen the money and taken it out. She brought it and gave it to my wife saying that she found that money in the pocket of a shirt. Honest people will never accept unethical ways of earning.

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    @drao that's true its starts from the home only. Parents, if don't know the value of honesty, can never teach their kids about the importance of honesty. That's a wonderful example of your maid.

    But there are very few people these days who will return the money if they found it of someone.

    Even I have seen people being dishonest at work also. Few of my colleagues don't work they are supposed to, they pass the time but show as if they think too much about the organisation. They are flatterers and are liked by the boss too. This is ironic as people who are honest and hard working often face the anger of the boss whereas such people work with comfort.


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    We are so busy to provide good education to our children by getting them admitted to renowned schools, but a very few people inculcate good habits and values in the children. I am reminded of a story that I heard long ago from an elderly person.

    A child of class 8 used to insist his dad to bought him different kind of ball pens, the dad obliged and brought different pens from his office instead of purchasing them. When his wife asked about the source of those pens the person told his wife the truth in front of his son. Now, during one of the exams the son was caught cheating, by the invigilator, and was not allowed to write the remaining papers. When the parents tried to punish the student for this behaviour, he narrated the incidents of the ball pens that his father used to bring from the office without the knowledge of his colleagues.

    This example clearly shows how a child is directly influenced by the behaviour and activities of the parents. Therefore, parents must lead by example to instill good habits and values in their child. These are also important parts of education.


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    Children grow up in the environment we provide them. We can inculcate many good traits in them but they also learn by observing. They copy many things and acquire habits from their parents, friends and teachers.

    So we are the role model for them in all the respect and it is imperative that our character and deeds should be good if we want them to be honest, hard working and transparent in their life.

    Bringing up the children in an atmosphere of honesty, openness and affection will go a long way in their life and its good effects will be visible in their matured adult life. Children are the reflections of their family traits and environment.

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