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    You can't teach an old dog new tricks.

    It's true that old people learn things not that easily compared to the youngsters. Consider my father who's old and never could learn computer as he had no interest at all whereas my kids who are so young and always try to learn new things on computer. Also at this age I am afraid of learning two wheeler driving whereas youngsters these days are always keen to learn it.

    Its difficult for people learning new things at old age whereas learning things at small age is easy as kids are curious to learn things.

    Do you also feel the same? Are curious to learn the things which you don't know at this age?.
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    No. I don't think. If there is an interest anybody can learn anything. The other day there was a thread regarding an old lady of 94 years appearing for an exam and getting qualified in that. Maybe they may take a little more time but it is not difficult. My grandfather started writing Telugu poems in his 55th year and written 3 or 4 books and published in a span of 15 years. This shows the interest and determination of the individual.
    If we strongly desire anything we will definitely get it. Many people proved it in many ways. So age is not a factor for learning, I feel. Kids and young people may learn things fast.
    Recently I attended a certificate course programme for 5 days full time. The certificate will be given only after qualifying in the final exam which was conducted after the training programme. The minimum age of the candidate attended was 30 and I am 60 years. In the exam, I got the highest marks among all the persons attended. So I say strongly that if there a will there is a way.

    always confident

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    Age is not a bar for learning. If you really have an interest in something, you will definitely work to learn it.
    It is all about the interest that comes from inside. Once it is coming from inside, and you feel that you want to do it at any cost, you will do it. You cannot do anything out of your interest or concern.

    The thing is, it should really matter to you.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    New tricks are always interesting to learn, but it depends on the desire of the learner. It is true that old people are not computer savvy and many of them do not want to learn new things. This is because some of them have a fear that if they fiddle with the new gadgets that are mostly bought by their daughters/sons, the gadgets may get damaged. This is one reason and the other reasons are related to their interest.

    I have seen many old people learning to use computer with a keen interest whereas when I talked to few senior people about their disinterest about learning functionalities of sophisticated gadgets, they simply replied that they have learned a lot and now at their old age they do not find the enthusiasm to learn new things. I found it depends on the interest. If you are keenly interested in new things, you can always learn it irrespective of your age.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    If there is a will, there is a way. If people want to do something, they can do it. What is required is interest and aptitude.

    Old age is a barrier only to the extent of reduced physical strength and weakening of mental faculties and to that extent it will affect the performance, efficiency and output of an old person. I know some persons aged around 88/ 90 years who are handling smartphones with the same ease as we are using. There are few such persons but it is remarkable considering the phenomenal technological advances in last 40-50 years.

    Some surgeons are able to carry out delicate operations even at an old age, some aged lawyers are there on the top of the chart, some aged businessmen are still guiding the world of business and so on. So why aged people can not learn or grasp new things if they really desire so.

    Knowledge is power.

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    We should never comment 'old dogs' and appreciate 'puppies'. A worker do his job, supervisor do his job but without worker no supervisor. Similarly old dogs only paved road for puppies to play. Puppies are doing anything newly but only based on the efforts made by the old dogs.

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