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    Now Faizabad district is Ayodhya

    UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Tuesday rechristened Faizabad district as Ayodhya. On this occasion, the CM said that his government was committed to the development of Ayodhya. He also informed that they will initiate many new projects for the further development of Ayodhya. CM Adityanath announced that a medical college will be started here in the name of King Dashrath, father of Lord Ram, in the district and an airport which will be named after Ram."Ayodhya is a symbol of our 'aan, Baan aur Shaan' (honour, pride and prestige)" the chief minister said while speaking on this occasion.
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    It's a welcome development. Yogi-ji has been taking decisions fearlessly without bothering about reactions from people with vested interest. But these decisions would definitely endear him to the common people who are the silent majority of India.
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    Historically, name changes carried out all over the world are associated with the change of power in that country and interestingly some places have gone so many name changes that no one knows what is their original name.

    Anyway, this is one of those common rituals which is exercised by the people in command of a kingdom and to those it suits they praise it and others discard by showing their resentment.

    Name changing is a chain reaction which goes on perpetually and effortlessly.

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    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Mr. Adityanath is doing something which he is good at. He is incapable of governing and changing the conditions in the State. Let him change the names at least. Moreover, this is the election time. What else is better to polarise people than this?
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    "He is incapable of governing and changing the conditions in the State"--------This statement clearly proves that the Member who has made the statement is blissfully ignorant about the ground situation in IP. Further, the Member is contemptuous to people's verdict.

    We must not give much importance to such remarks.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I am entitled to my own opinion. The people's verdict is not for his performance but for the expected performance. My remark already merited a response shows that it has some importance. The act of Mr. Adityanath is nothing but polarisation before elections.
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    Sir, without going into arguments please tell us what development has really happened after this BJP fellow has come to power in UP Sir? How many new jobs have been created now Sir? Is he so much different from the SP guy? If the Yadav clan was corrupt, how is this fellow different? Has he improved the State of affairs in the Government hospital where eighty odd children died Sir? Except talking communal politics and making statements, one is afraid, nothing much has been done. What about crime rates in UP Sir? Why is that it still tops in the number of registered rape cases Sir? Please do inform us Sir, if there is any improvement in the hospital.

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    It's not a big deal. It happens in the past too. I have been to Ayodhya its not a developed city if we compare to the number tourists come to this city. Development of the city is essential. Its good that he announced to open an airport and a medical college there. Apart from these many others developments must be explored and should be done to make this city good.

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    Mr. Sivakumar and Mr. KVRR are consciously diverting this thread to a different direction and I know that they will not be restrained by any Editor. The thread is on renaming Faizabad to Ayodhya. I fully support this re-naming. Similarly, Bakhtiyarpur in Bihar must be immediately changed to Nalanda because Baktiya Khilji was the person who destroyed Nalanda University for three months.

    However, I would definitely discuss the report-card of Yogi Adityanath if a separate thread is raised.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    We are discussing the purpose behind all this renaming exercise by Mr.Adityanath. Why bring in some other place in Bihar into the discussion? It is nothing but polarisation efforts by Mr. Adityanath as he failed in the administration of the State.
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    Party a Sir, let us discuss things in a wider perspective. Renaming Bangalore as Bengaluru is not similar to this blatant act of playing to the gallery to consolidate the Hindu vote. Ayodhya is not an ordinary thing. It is still pending in the courts. We need to also discuss what this fellow has done. My understanding is that he has just done nothing.

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    The term Faizabad [victorious city] is the Arabic translation of Ayodhya. Given that Ayodhya means the same and it is much better known and grounded in nativity, I don't see a reason to call that Faizabad anymore. UP under Yogi-ji seems to be getting reconnected to its ancient past.

    [Although I sometime attend parties, my name is not Party a. Pl. note @Mr. ABSivakumar}

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Utter Pradesh under Mr. Adityanath is definitely reconnecting with the past but not with the present and future. The people want a good present and hope for a happy future. Connecting with the past and forgetting present and future is not what the people want. When one cannot do anything for the present and future, he turns and looks back at the past.
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    Mr. KVRR: You will be very unhappy to note that Ahmedabad will very soon become Karnavati.
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    Mr.Partha, you are deliberately trying to divert this thread. One more Chief Minister got the inspiration. As pointed out earlier the people who cannot do anything and do not know how to govern resort to something like this to divert the people's attention. This is a ploy to polarise and divert the attention of people from the failure of governance.
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    I don't think we can expect anything less from Adityanath. He is a blatant Hindutva extremist and people have already given the verdict by selecting him in the election once. Since he has not done anything worthy for the state in terms of development, all he can do is garner votes by taking communally polarizing decisions.

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    Partha sir, kindly excuse me Sir for the horrible mistake. Sir, we are trying to discuss whether this fellow is doing the right thing. So far, precious little has been done by BJP Governments. In UP the law and order situation is so bad. Why is that we are not able to discuss these vital issues, Sir?

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    Why not? Lucknow, Faizabad, Allahabad, Ahmedabad, Vasco da Gama Railway Station, Baktiyarpur Railway station, Hyderabad and many other names were slowly killing the soul of Bharat. Let's try to go back to our soul.

    I am not going to discuss the performance of the UP Government in this thread. The Editors with the logical bent of mind can easily see the attempt of diversion and would award some negative points to such responders. Editors with the logical bent of mind!

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Author of the thread also says that UP CM is initiating new infrastructure projects such as medical colleges and airports etc.
    What about IT parks and other start up projects?

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    In this thread, the main issue of discussion has been the change of names of places. In this connection, I mentioned in one of my responses (#652413) that a Congress corporator of Bengaluru (changed name) is on a name-changing spree in his locality. Now, I have seen that an Editor has deleted my response (and valuable 5 points). From this action, I conclude that in this thread, the Editor wants to discuss selective changes. So, he/she has deleted my Bengaluru-related response.

    I avail this opportunity to request the concerned leaders to change the names of Hyderabad, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Bakhtiyarpur Railway Station and Vasco da Gama Railway Station as early as possible.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Dual name and name changes are always confusing people. My friend, hailing from Haryana got a posting order at Cochin Refinery. He landed at Chennai and bought a train ticket to Cochin. But, in the ticket destination was shown as Ernakulam, not Cochin. My confused friend called me immediately and confirmed the destination railway station.

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    It is a welcome move by the Chief Minister to focus on the development of the Ayodhya region. The Babli issue has become a point for electioneering for the last 26 years but none of the leaders have given importance to develop the infrastructure for the people of Ayodhya. Making Diwali celebrations official as a mark of protecting our cultural heritage is another point to be appreciated. The site may be under dispute and the matter may be subjudice, had the Government tried to develop Ayodhya during these 26 years, it would have become a smart city by now.

    Renaming the district as Ayodhya is quite apt just as we have Madhurai, Madhura, Tanjaore and Puri districts.


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    Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Rajasthan election is coming and Mr Aditya nath changed the name of District Ayodhya. May be move is good but the intention can be questioned because of timing is near to 3 states election.
    Broader we want BJP government to do something in case of ram mandir. They got power and they are doing nothing from last 4 and half years.

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    Yogi Aditya Nath is doing job fearlessly and his declaration to change the present name Ayodhya to Faizabad should be appreciated. But this should be matched by other infrastructural development and he is sincere in the sense that an Air - port is likely to come up according to his recent announcement.
    In the past also, he has done many jobs touching to the heart of UP people including his decision to absorb the widow of the Apple - executive.
    This has not to be linked with the upcoming election of Rajsthan, Madhyapradesh and Chattishgarh since he is responsible for the development of own state and definitely his good jobs are noticeable.

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    Yesterday Yogi-ji announced two significant infrastructure projects being undertaken at Ayodhya. The first one is an airport and the second one is a medical college. But I am astonished to find the cacophony caused by the liberals complaining that Yogi-ji was silent about the temple.

    What to do? If you talk about the temple, then it is a problem. If you don't, even then it is a problem. So, better ignore these people who are following the one-point agenda, i.e., to try their level-best to oust the present Government from power. Of course, by any means.

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    It's a good move by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh to change the name of Faizabad district into Ayodhya. He has announced some development projects like a new airport and a medical college which is necessary for the development of the region.

    Changing names of a place by keeping the history in mind is a good idea and is followed elsewhere too. There was a thread few days earlier regarding secularism where members have expressed their views but I found the discussions in this thread has turned differently.

    The author of this thread has just mentioned the move of the UP Chief Minister regarding renaming of Faizabad district and few other development projects announced by the CM. It is a fact that politicians will calculate many things before taking a decision and it is their job of politicizing everything. There is no point in venting anger here about the less development in UP.

    If there is no development and the people of UP feel it that way, then they will vote the government out of power and bring in a new one. It seems election fever has already gripped few of the members here also. Mixing the renaming of a region and development is somewhat confusing.


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    We are all aware that renaming of Faizabad district as Ayodhya is not going to do any good as such because Ayodhya was always a part of Faizabad and neither the Mughal rulers nor the British ever renamed the historic city of Ayodhya. The developmental activities that are to be undertaken in Ayodhya as promised by Yogi Adityanath, the CM of UP, is welcome.
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    "We are all aware that renaming of Faizabad district as Ayodhya is not going to do any good ...."This is not renaming. It is going back to the roots. This is acknowledging our culture. This is accepting our illustrious history. This is extremely important.

    Development is a must, but development doesn't mean ignoring our culture and tradition.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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