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    Is enjoyment above safety?

    Diwali is a great festival of lights and celebrations. Firecrackers are the integral part of this festival. The enthusiasts even say that Holi without colours and Diwali without firecrackers have no meaning.

    So people enjoy during the festivals with full vigour and interest and want to undertake all the activities as can be taken in traditional ways.

    Unfortunately, in this euphoria many accidents take place as the children as well as adults get involved in the firecrackers and get wounded or are partially burnt. Firecrackers are basically controlled explosive devices and sometimes go bad and malfunction and can harm the person who is handling them. Over and above, they are also polluting the environment. If people want to enjoy the firecrackers there are some basic safety precautions to be observed like igniting the bombs from a distance, keeping the sparkles away from body especially eyes, handle firecrackers in open away from residences and crowded market etc.

    Many people do not take care by these basic steps and recklessly handle these explosives only to create fatal accidents involving others as well as their selves. They do not understand that safety is the primary thing in such indulgences and we must observe it.

    Sometimes I ponder - Is enjoyment is above safety? Why are we so reckless in our attitude?

    What do the members think about this?
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    No not at all, safety is above anything. I don't understand why people ignore it. I still remember how my hand got burnt while bursting a cracker as I was bursting it wrongly and cried a lot while night. I could not go to a doctor as all doctors were closed on diwali night. That was a lesson for me and from then I stopped playing with the crackers.

    And now when my kids have grown up and ask to play with crackers I scold them and never allow them to burst them alone. I always take care of their safety while bursting crackers. I don't allow them to go nearby the crackers when it's lighting and about to burst.

    Similarly parents always should take care of the kids as they are the most vulnerable ones. It's irony that we play with the crackers, waste money for it and pollute environment and get happy for it.


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    Festivals are the times when people enjoy with family, friends, and society. These simple pleasures need not be discussed under a microscopic view. Festival times are celebrated irrespective of financial and social status. Some may spend more depending on their financial position. It is not a waste. It is a pure enjoyment.
    "Deepavali" is the most colorful of all the festivals in our country. We will have audiovisual pleasure at this festival. This is the only festival enjoyed all over the country by all age group of all people.
    Safety measures are essential and people are not foolish to ignore them. There may be small mishaps in spite of the precautions taken. It is all in life. Life goes on with pleasure and pain.
    Sometimes enjoyment becomes important than safety. People take all sorts of risk to enjoy the adventures. Without adventure, there is no enjoyment in life. Firecrackers are nothing but a small adventure with a little bit of risk. With proper precautions, the risks can be overcome.
    Members, I wish you all a happy Deevali and enjoy the festival of lights and crackers to the fullest.

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    No. never. Nothing is above safety. One should always develop a concept of Safety first. This is the best attitude forever and for all. That is why when we handle firecrackers we all should take maximum precautions so that we will not be in trouble. It is always advisable to have cotton clothes when you are going for firing the crackers. Don't walk without slippers. Use normal glasses to protect your eyes from sparks. Use earplugs so that your ears will be safe. We should be very careful with small kids. We should not expose them to high sounds and firing crackers. Please allow them to watch from a distance only.
    Taking risks is OK if you assess the risk. Enjoyment is always required but enjoyment with safety first attitude is always the best.
    I wish all the members of ISC to have a happy and safe Diwali.

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    I do not understand the logic behind such activities. Firing crackers in India is since many decades and minimum casualties reported. People do not believe such things considered every thing as waste etc. A childless person comments on every paise spent for children by his father. An unmarried person comments on married persons returning home promptly. Recently a trend started people other than Hindu religion comments on the rituals followed in Hindus and some faithless Hindus also supporting barren.
    I saw a wow show in Internet in which they squeeze fruit juice packets under wheel for fun but they comments milk abishekam done in temples.

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