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    Many Narakasuras but Lord Krishna is not visible.

    We are all celebrating Diwali today. The story behind this festival is known to all. Narakasura was a King and he used to imprison the queens of other kingdoms by defeating the Kings there. He used to harass these Queens. His behaviour has become a big threat to the kings and their wives. So all the Kings went to Lord Krishna and asked for his intervention and help. Then Krishna went with his wife Satyabhama for a war with Narakasura and he killed him with a good support from Satyabhama. Then all the queens were released and they went back to their own kingdoms.
    These days also we will find many such Narakasarus who are harassing the ladies. But so far nobody is able to stop such activities. I don't know when Krishna will appear and take action on all these modern-day Narakasuras.
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    There was only one Narakasur at that time so was killed by Lord krishna but now a days there are plenty of Narakasurs so Lord krishna also is unable to kill them.

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    There is no doubt that there are manyNarakasuras in our soicety. But the problem is that they function like Jatayus pretending to help to destroy the real evils, but in actuality, help the evils using diversionary tactics.So, even for present-day avatars of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, these tasks become more difficult.

    Although it is difficult, but the present-day avatars would surely destroy the Narakasurs and the king of evils or Ravanas.

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    During Navratri the story explains that the Shakti took multiple roop to kill Mahishasura who took multiple forms and killed him totally. Similar to this event in Bhagavata it has been told Lord Sri Krishna waited to kill sishubala by giving chance to correct himself.
    So,we believe Kalki avatar comemail soon.

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