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    "Revenge is a dish best served cold"

    Although I believe we should not ignore actions of the people and never think of taking revenge as the principle of forgiving people is the best. But what to do when someone doesn't bother and don't never respect even seeing that you have been forgiving him all the time. In such case you need to think of taking revenge.

    Just reacting after someone harms you is not good as the person is ready with the counteraction so it's better to wait and let him forget and don't expect your reaction. I know it requires lots of patience but that's the best policy I know from my experience. Moreover the impulsive reactions may be harmful for you too, so we should always wait and react on the things which we didn't like.

    What's your thoughts about it? Do you think and react or react immediately.
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    Reserve your anger. Wait for the correct time. Once that time comes go ahead. This is the principle one has to keep in mind. When someone is trying to provoke you, don't react immediately. He may try many ways. Give him a long rope. But when the times, he is bound to come to you for something or other. That is the right time to show your anger. You should not show any pity on that person and he should realise the mistake he has committed in misbehaving with you earlier.
    When I was working in a company the union people used to come to me for certain issues and used to talk very rash. I used to hear very calm and send them off by telling something or other. The same person will come to me for some salary advance or such small things, I used to say why are you requesting me, shout on me and see whether the things will get done. Whatever may be the reason I used to refuse strongly. That used to send a message to them and they used to behave very gently all the time and for all the works.

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    To take revenge immediately is not the best option since this may escalate tension in an uncontrollable way. In such cases, some prudence in taking a correct decision is required. At the initial phase, the opponent may remain under impression that the other party is weak since he cannot offer a befitting reply required in that situation. The solution lies in tracking out such favourable circumstances when you may take revenge suitably with the opponent.
    To pay him in his coin is the ultimate answer and in that way, he would think twice before taking up any harsh action to intimidate any party.

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    Revenge should be the last thing to consider. There are many corrective actions and methods before that and if all of them fail then only the question of going for revenge comes in the picture. Moreover the consequences of revenge are not sweet every time and that may sometimes even boomerang back on us.

    Revenge could be of various types. The subtle ones which give only hints and ideas to the person concerned to come in the groove or the harder ones to bring him in the track or the cold blooded type where harm is done to the receiver of the revenge.

    In this context I remember a story 'The Cask of Amontillado' by the great writer Edgar Allan Poe in which a person much annoyed with his affluent and proud friend takes him to an underground cellar luring him for old wine and kills him there itself by fastening him with handcuffs with a wall and covering him with another wall with fresh brick and mortar.

    The end of the story is horrifying but there is a warning and lesson there for all such people who repeatedly misbehave with their friends.

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    Revenge is an emotion present in almost all human beings. Some try to take revenge immediately, but most of the time such attempts are unsuccessful. The flame of revenge should remain inside and the action must be taken in a methodical and planned manner. Such action becomes successful.
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    @absolutely Partha. People become blind in the flame of revenge and try to take it soon which is wrong. One should think, plan and take time before taking revenge. It happens sometimes when we take the time we understand the things better and it may happen that we don't take revenge but forgive the person which is better than taking revenge.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Mr. Gupta: In your previous response, you used the word 'but' and stated what I had earlier stated, albeit using different words.

    Earlier I stated: "The flame of revenge should remain inside and the action must be taken in a methodical and planned manner. Such action becomes successful."

    You later stated: "One should think, plan and take time before taking revenge."

    Aren't both same? Then why the use of 'but'?

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    I think, taking appropriate corrective measures after any harassment or misdeeds and revenge is mixed up in the discussions here.

    Revenge is not at all necessary. If somebody is harassing you for a long time, why should you take revenge? Lodge a complaint with the law enforcing authorities and things will be done. Do you want to harass that person after sometime? Possibly not. By thinking of revenge, if you attack the person with a fit of rage than it can turn fatal and you will be in trouble.

    If you keep the rage inside you to take a revenge later, the agitation will be there inside you which will cause enough disturbances. Try one thing, when a person is harassing you badly, just remember the action everyday. Just remember everyday, how the person harassed you and what kind of words he used during the harassment. After continuously doing it for a month see if the agitation inside you grows or die down. I hope you will notice some difference.


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