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    The best jewelry for a girl is shyness do you agree?

    I saw this quote on the Auto backside(The best jewelry for a girl is shyness!) as I want to take your comments on this! In this modern era, we see gender equality plays a pivotal role as what male does, females replicate the same so the attribute for a girl shyness has been vanished(in the majority of a female gender). Do you still believe the best jewelry for a girl is shyness? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    That's wrong if someone think that. Today we are living in 21st century and we talk about gender equality, how can someone think like this. Women are equally contributing for the growth of our country, they need to be outspoken like men. We can't afford women being shy and don't even speak out their opinion. People who are orthodox and narrow mind think like this.

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    Shyness is not required. Whether it is a girl or a boy they should be able to express openly their views and come forward to discuss openly. That is the need of the hour. At the same time, it is humility and kindness that is very much required for all the boys and girls. They should understand what is correct and what is wrong. Respecting elders and keeping the morals and values intact is the requirement of the day for all young people. In olden days where gents are showing their superiority and making the ladies act as per their tunes, might have coined this phrase. But now I think it is outdated and we should not ask girls to have shyness as their jewellery.
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    Such thinking can make one a target of feminists. But I won't necessarily call that quote wrong. Irrespective of gender blushing and shying, with face flushing with red is a sign of health. This biological reason makes us look "cute". It is a mating mechanism.
    Redness is always associated with health. You can see this through mating ritual of many birds and animals where the males try to look as red as possible, because redder and greater the blood volume, the healthier an individual is. So it's apparent, women or men, shying and blushing are beautiful undeniably.

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    In earlier times the shyness of a girl was attributed to her modesty and a gift of nature showing her soft side. At that time women were not very extrovert so shyness was thought to be a virtue rather than a sign of backwardness.

    Today all these definitions and concepts are changed and some of these quotes may not hold good. Women are working in all spheres of life where earlier only men dominated. They are competing with men giving them a tough fight. Men have to help them in household chorus also and share those responsibilities which were earlier only catered by the women.

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    No doubt it is a best jewelry for a girl as is expected from every girl. The whole right of this is for them. Even when a boy exhibits shyness, people used to say,'Why you are this much shy as a girl?'.

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    Shyness in most cases may be an expression of insecurity. I do not know why shyness is compared to jewellery. Girls are soft in nature and more kind than boys because of their biological differences. Since women are child bearers, safety and security of the child is her prime concern. That's why girls are biologically much more concerned about security aspects and act cautiously in public places.

    This inherent nature has nothing to do with presence of girls in every field and the equal role they play in the progress of the nation. In a male-dominated society earlier there were a lot of restrictions imposed on women and were not allowed to mingle with public much. They accepted it without a complain and it was taken as granted that women are like this and they can be dominated by the whims of the others. The situation is changing and women are becoming more assertive. In this world, we all need to be assertive to prevent exploitation by others and it's a positive change that many women are becoming assertive shedding their earlier inhibitions.


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    In today's context it may not be true to believe as girls are our in the open arena and are undertaking all sort of jobs right from housekeeping to flying planes.

    Today they are as shrewd and flat faced as their male counterparts. So shyness has given place to frankness and straight forwardness.

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    Shyness can never be considered a quality. Most probably the author wants to mean humility as shyness. Humility is definitely a virtue, but even then, excessive humility may be harmful. And humility is a quality irrespective of gender.
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