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    Again porcupine quills take the life of a tiger

    I have learnt from the books of Kim Corbett, Keneth Anderson, Buddhadev Guha and many other writers that porcupine quills make a tiger man-eater (Sundarban tigers are exceptions; They are born man-eaters for a different reason). When I myself visited some jungles, local hunters also said the same thing. Porcupine quills injure tigers, mainly the paws and the teeth, and these injuries force the injured tigers to become man-eaters. And people kill such man-eaters.

    Again the same old incident happened near Dudhwa National Park. A tigress was severely injured by the porcupine quills. It could not hunt its natural prey and so it came near the human localities. It killed a domesticated dog. The villagers of Chattua village near Kishanpur sanctuary of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve saw the injured tigress in their sugarcane fields. They were very afraid and angry. So, they got assembled and attacked the tiger despite being assured by the officials of the Forest Department.

    The injured tigress was ultimately killed by the local villagers. The tigress was run over by a tractor by the villagers.

    Indian forests lost another tiger. It died for no fault of its own. But, at least in this case, we can't fully blame the villagers also. The tigress, if remained alive, would surely become a man-eater, in a few days.

    Then whom to blame?
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    Porcupine quills are created in such a way that they will maximize the damage. This is the defence mechanism given by God to this animal. Each quill will have a tiny barb on the end. This is much like an arrowhead or a fishhook. When it enters into the skin it will get stuck there and pulling it out is very difficult and it causes severe pain. Because of this pain, only the tigers will become man-eaters, I think. We should appreciate the creator for the protection mechanism he has provided for various animals. Anyhow a tiger is dead. This is the ultimate effect whoever may be the culprit.
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    I don't really believe that tiger would have become a man eater and its death was in vain. The reason being tigers have turned man eater in history of India only during extreme famines. Famine is not scarcity of food. It is the inability to procure food even when it is available. As you mentioned the tiger would be feeding on lifestock of us humans rather than us. Animals are far smarter than we think. Tigers know that humans have food around them. So tigers resort to man eating only in the very extreme conditions.
    What villagers did was very wrong. Killing a hurt animal is a great offence. Educating these bordering villages is very important. Tigers are found in an extremely small band in India. It isn't that hard to educate all those tiger neighboring villages. And since these villages are mostly near the Forest stations, the help is always nearby. Forest officers with tranquilizers will always be ready. The only issue is the mindless killing of our national animal.

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    Partha, you have not read the full news. As per the news 50 year old man was going somewhere and was crossing the jungle which comes under the tiger reserve and was attacked by this tigress.. He was admitted to the hospital where he died. Due to which the villagers got anger and went to the forest and killed the tigress. As per the investigation team this tiger has not eaten any human being and never attacked them it was when this old man entered their habitat. I see there is no fault of this animal.

    Below is the link:


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    Yes, Mr. Gupta. You are right. The tigress injured one person who later died. Mr. Aditya Mohan, many a time porcupine quills turn a tiger into a man-eater.

    Dr. Rao: Thanks for additional information about the porcupine quills.

    In Assam, the tribals hunt porcupine in a remarkably simple manner. The wait near the holes of the porcupines with a banana plant and when it comes out, they simply throw the plant on the porcupine. The quills get stuck in the plant. Then they kill the porcupine which can't move due to the banana plant. Porcupine meat is very tasty.

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    @partha also it is is found during investigation that this tigress was not a man eater.

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    Mr. Gupta: Yes, the tigress was not a man-eater. But there was every chance of it becoming a man-eater because it was incapable of hunting its normal prey due to its very serious injuries caused by the quills. I have raised this thread only to state this.
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    " it could not hunt its natural prey so it came near the human localities" its wrong. Instead that 50 year old man entered its habitat as he was crossing the jungle.

    Don't spread the wrong information. Also its not mentioned anywhere that the tigress was injured. If I am not aware give the link of that news.


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    But partha how are you saying that the serious pain would drive into it man eating? Humans are easy prey yes, but I don't think a man eater would come this close to humans. Humans live in groups and we have advanced tools, after all.
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    A nice information given in the thread regarding the Porcupine quills.

    Of course there are some reasons for tigers to become man-eater and main is when they do not get food in the jungle and are forced to come to the periphery only and unfortunately to encounter with humans who are always terrified of these creatures and will try to kill them if possible.

    The earlier eco system in which tigers never came out of their habitat is deteriorating day by day and it is a difficult thing now to save them from this disorder which is responsible for their dwindling population.

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    Mr. Gupta: Please read the following news-item carefully.

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    Thanks for providing the link but below link doesn't say clearly if it came to the village or not
    It says : "The source explained that the tigress had probably not been able to hunt owing to her injuries."


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