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    How is the Diwali celebrations in your area?

    With Supreme Court order People have to celebrate Diwali festival for bursting crackers two hours only. I thought that this year the sales of the crackers go down and the festival may not have its usual gaiety in bursting crackers. But contrary to that I found the sales of the crackers much more than before and -people are celebrating the festival much more enthusiastically than last year. Bursting of crackers started from 6 o'clock itself and it is continuing heavily with unstopped crackers sound. I am expecting this will proceed till late night. This year people are bursting more variety of crackers than before. How is it there in your area?
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    In our area this year the Diwali is celebrated in a very small way. people started firing crackers around 7 PM and now there are no sounds. The whole street is very silent. The firecrackers sale is also less when compared to last year. My sons purchased a few firecrackers that which will not have any sounds. They started at 8 PM and just now they completed. Overall in Hyderabad, there is a reduction in the consumption of firecrackers when compared to last year. This is what I heard from some reliable sources.
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    Generally Diwali (Deepaavali) is celebrated in a subdued way in our area. During our childhood, at leas there used to be some firecrackers etc(But Vishu was the time when the use of firecrackers was more).
    This time the celebration was almost lacking. In our home we made a couple of sweets, just for the sake of it. We lit traditional lamps during evening. We totally avoided the electric lights this time.
    But in temples there were lamp decorations with devotees lighting traditional lamps. The only thing that was increased this time was the number of Greetings(via whats app) I sent Diwali Greetings to almost all the people in my contacts list. Received reciprocal greetings or thanks from most of them too.

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    Here there is no effect in Delhi where I live. People here are stubborn and are bursting crackers after 10 pm also. I thought this Diwali there will be less pollution due to supreme Court orders but it seems people have no respect for the SC orders or don't afraid of the orders.

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    Let's enjoy the colourful firecrackers and the sound of bombs for a day. Let's start thinking about pollution tomorrow.
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    Diwali started with a happy note in our area as people thronged the decorated shops and bought the items of their interest and fascination to make the festival click and as usual the sweet shops and eating places were doing the brisk business.

    Everything was nice till the evening when suddenly the firecrackers started to dominate the scene with smoke, dust and pollutants spewing in the atmosphere by the enthusiasts and children alike as if there is no tomorrow.

    It was all we witnessed yesterday evening till late night and now today morning the smog is hanging in the air making us to believe that only we have done it to the mother nature and no aliens from space came down for this.

    As I have already mentioned in one of my other thread that old habits die hard and whether we will be stopping this vehement and unnecessary pressure on our environment one day or not.

    Anyway everyone is telling that they have greatly enjoyed the Diwali festival just like earlier years so we have to agree to that note silently and affirmatively just not to hurt their feelings and sentiments!

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    In West Bengal, things are completely different in the area where I stay. I stay a little far away from Kolkata and Kali Puja, as all of you might be knowing, is celebrated here with much fanfare. Our area is famous for Kali Puja and people throng the streets to visit Pandals to have a look at the idol of Goddess Kali.

    This year, there are almost no sounds of those notorious chocolate bombs, as they are called here, and much lesser fireworks. Earlier there were many makeshift shops in the corner of the streets selling firecrackers. Because of the restriction and strict implementation of the guidelines by the local authorities, the sale of crackers was much lesser. Since people here are pandal hoppers, the crowd was almost same or even more in the streets and they were enjoying as usual. The crowd throngs the streets in the evening and today also there will be large gathering in different parts of our locality.


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    In our area it was observed with full fun and enjoyment. The markets were crowded and the shops were over packed with goodies of all kinds including the cheaper Chinese options.

    Overall it was very enjoyable and a good change from the monotonous life.

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    In my locality, the bursting of firecrackers was much less during Dewali. But I don't feel very happy to announce this.

    Mr. Sankalan Bhattacharya: You have stated that in Kolkata, the firecrackers have been much less during this year's Kali Puja. But even then, Anandabazar Patrika strongly condemned the bursting of firecrackers. According to a news item appeared in today's Anandabazar Patrika, people of Kolkata did not bother about the direction of the Hon'ble Supreme Court.

    Everybody seems to be very conscious to control the festivals of Hindus.

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    #652548, @ Mr. Partha, you are correct that there is a news in the local media in Kolkata about the unchecked use of firecrackers in different parts of the city. But if we look into the overall condition of the city, then it is quite less. I am staying in the suburbs, not far from the main city and this locality is always famous for organizing big Kali Pujas. Earlier in this area, it was difficult to stay indoors without keeping the doors and windows closed, but this time I have hardly found any noise making crackers. Here the authorities acted strictly.

    In many areas of Kolkata, there were much less fireworks. Now, suddenly after the apex court order, everywhere the air quality index (AQI) is being measured and in Kolkata too the air quality was found poor. The few incidents of bursting crackers in some areas coupled with the report of air quality has turned the impression about strictly following the orders as negative.


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